Best Advanced CSS Courses Covering Grid And Flexbox

Mastering advanced CSS concepts like Grid and Flexbox enables you to create complex layouts for websites and apps. There are plenty of courses which can teach you the latest techniques to achieve better responsiveness and compatibility with major browsers. Here is a roundup of easy to follow learning materials focused on building beautiful and usable web pages.

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Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More

Advanced CSS and Sass by Jonas Schmedtmann is the perfect resource for more experienced developers. It’s the next milestone after spending a good amount of time practicing basic HTML and CSS. You will learn advanced responsiveness techniques, Grid, Flexbox and CSS animations. The course will also teach you how to create reusable and easy to customize code with Sass preprocessor.

The Modern Flexbox, Grid, Sass & Animations Developer Course

The course created by Muslim Helalee is dedicated to intermediate developers and focuses on 3 practical projects. A portfolio website built with Flexbox, a hospitality website with image gallery carousel and a fitness website based on Grid. This last project will also introduce you to Sass extension language. The practical nature of this course will keep you focused and motivated.

CSS – The Complete Guide (incl. Flexbox, Grid & Sass)

CSS The Complete Guide by by Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Manuel Lorenz is a well structured course with tracks for beginner, advanced and expert developers. You will learn everything CSS. From selectors, combinators, properties and values. To creating layouts with Grid, Flexbox and using Sass. Besides one big real project you will be entertained by quizzes and challenges.

Advanced CSS & SASS: Framework, Flexbox, Grid, Animations

The awesome course by Norbert B. Menyhart will take you from intermediate to expert level. Advanced CSS & SASS is project focused. It starts with a basic landing page and goes through multiple projects. In the second half you will build a resume page, hotel website and your own portfolio. It covers Grid and Flexbox layout techniques. And dives into variables, Sass and animations.

Ultimate CSS Grid Course: From Beginner to Advanced

Ultimate CSS Grid Course by Peter Sommerhoff as the name implies focuses on CSS Grid. This course will teach you everything about Grid specifications and how it complements Flexbox. It covers how to create modern, responsive layouts in the shortest amount of time. You will also understand how to integrate it with Sass. The material relies on exercises to keep you engaged.

Complete Flexbox Course: Master CSS3 Flexbox for Good

In Complete Flexbox Course, Peter Sommerhoff teaches how to use CSS Flexbox effectively for responsive web layouts. The course goes deep into positioning, alignment, creating reusable components and building responsive galleries with Flexbox. It’s an advanced resource requiring knowledge of HTML CSS basics. Having said that it’s easy to follow thanks to the author’s efforts.

CSS Bootcamp – Master CSS (CSS Grid CSS Flexbox)

CSS Bootcamp by Code And Create team uses a practical approach to teach complex web layout creation. It’s centered around two real world projects. First one is a hotel website built with Flexbox. And the second one is a furniture store built with Grid. Both are responsive projects and represent a solid foundation for your future work. Efficient way to master Grid and Flexbox.

Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning (Including Sass)

Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning by Brad Traversy is classified as a beginners course. In my opinion it works great for someone who learned the basics a while back and now wants to get updated. The course is great for understanding how to create modern, responsive layouts with Flexbox and Grid. It will introduce you to the latests frontend techniques and Sass too.

Mastering CSS Grid – With 3 cool projects

Mastering CSS Grid by Daryl Duckmanton is a straightforward practical video teaching advanced CSS Grid. It assumes you have the basics covers and recommends knowing some Flexbox techniques. The course starts easily with positioning and alignment and gradually goes into building responsive layouts. Final projects are popular app interface clones like Uber Eats and YouTube.

Practical CSS Grid: Learn Grid Layout in under 2 hours

If time is of the essence then Practical CSS Grid by Bryan Robinson is the right choice. It focuses exclusively on Grid specifications and assumes you are an intermediate developer. The provided exercises cover alignment, positioning and building responsive layouts. By then end of the course you will be able to take your new CSS Grid skills straight to production.

CSS Grid & Flexbox – The Ultimate Course Build +10 Projects

Mammoth course alert. CSS Grid & Flexbox by Juan Pablo De la torre Valdez is a comprehensive resource for learning Flex and Grid. The short theory part is followed by exercises and real life case studies. You will build the Udemy homepage, a real estate landing page and an Airbnb clone. It’s a lot to take in but your determination will be rewarded with razor sharp skills.

CSS Grid – Build Modern Real World websites fast

The course by DigiFisk offers a practical experience for learning CSS Grid. It covers creating layouts for blogs, business websites, portfolios and specific components. You will mainly exercise on 4 different layouts which can act as templates for your full blown future projects. It’s a well structured course that will not pressure your focus capacity.


Although CSS frameworks take out the pain from building web interfaces, it’s always good to know what’s happening under the hood. Knowing the ins and outs of modern CSS layout techniques helps debug tricky situations. And even allows you to create your own specific framework. The courses in this roundup will teach you how to use CSS Grid and Flexbox for the modern web.

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