Best Bootstrap Courses

Bootstrap is able to handle website appearance and responsiveness without fussing. This roundup of Bootstrap courses will teach you how to make the best of the popular CSS framework. Each instructor is on a mission to turn you into a Bootstrap expert using their own style and teaching approach. The courses are intended for beginner developers which already know HTML and CSS.

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Master Bootstrap 5 with 6 projects and Sass customization

The course by Jeppe Schaumburg Jensen is well structured and steadily increases in difficulty as you progress. It starts with an overview of how Bootstrap works and how to use the most popular components. Then it dives into 6 practical projects for the advanced techniques.

Complete Guide to Bootstrap 5 with 6 Real World Projects

Complete Guide to Bootstrap 5 by Sofiullah Chowdhury is a great learning resource. It provides a detailed overview on components and utilities. Then covers responsive layout building techniques. Among the projects you will create an admin interface, a blog and your personal portfolio.

Bootstrap 5 Course The Complete Guide Step by Step

The course by Fatah Gabrial sets out to teach you advanced Bootstrap 5 skills from scratch. First part is an overview of the most important framework components. Second part focuses on building real world projects like a staff management app, blog and e-learning website.

Bootstrap 5 From scratch with 13 Projects

The course by Yossef Ayman Zedan is a detailed guide for learning advanced Bootstrap 5 skills from scratch. It starts with the basic techniques and components. Then quickly jumps into a series of 13 real world projects that will keep you motivated on the learning journey.

Master class Bootstrap 5 Course Responsive Web Design

Frahaan Hussain uses a different approach for teaching Bootstrap 5. It doesn’t focus on building full websites. Instead it covers most important components and layout techniques independently with examples, quizzes and exercises. It’s a great and well structured material.

Bootstrap 5 The Complete Guide

The course by Stefan Omerovic will show you how to make the most of Bootstrap 5 latest features. It covers utilities, forms, cards, building responsive layouts and how to easily customize them. Besides the chapter end quizzes you will build a website and admin panel.

Bootstrap 5 For Beginners

This beginner friendly course by FlexiBrains Global is a shorter one, making it great for learners with limited time availability. You will learn how to setup Bootstrap 5 and start creating responsive layouts. And understand which are the main components and how to use them.


Bootstrap enables developers to build beautiful and responsive websites with minimum effort. Thanks to its components library, utility classes and default design system it also helps teams stay on the same page when building larger projects. It’s extremely helpful to know how to use the framework efficiently. Choose the course that fits your style and start mastering Bootstrap.

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