Best Figma App Templates

This best Figma app templates roundup brings together some of the finest design packages from skilled creative professionals. They’re based on real world UI building experience and cost a lot less then hiring someone to produce the equivalent work. Not counting the time involved.

With the following Figma templates you get instant access to trial and tested app layouts. Just browse the options for mobile and web app interfaces to decide which one’s right for you. They’re built with Figma automations and best practices to simplify customization.

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Oswald Templates Smart UI Kit Figma

Oswald is an immense Figma app template created to serve as a general purpose component library for any mobile app. The design is minimal with simple color scheme which makes it ideal as foundation for further customization work. The layouts can easily be dressed up to have more character and fit your specific use case.

Oswald is a compelling package with over 450 mobile app screens in Figma vector format. With this huge volume, structure can be an issue but the maker has gone to great lengths to organize everything neatly. There are 26 categories for areas like navigation, search, discover. A cool bonus is the light and dark mode option.

E-Shop Ecommerce App UI Kit

E-Shop is an ecommerce Figma app template created to meet a wide range of online shops. Design screens are based on a flexible light theme brought to life by vivid illustrations. They are very well designed, feel welcoming and are optimized for mobile devices.

The package offers 26 universal ecommerce layouts which cover most mobile buying scenarios. With some customization time you can easily create any specific layout you might need. The included user interface design style guide is meant to help you with that.

Multikart Ecommerce Mobile App UI Kit

MultiKart is a multipurpose ecommerce Figma app template. It’s an efficient foundation for any mobile shopping use case. The design is based on comfortable gray backgrounds and warm colors for highlights. It’s 100% vector based making it a breeze to customize.

MultiKart provides a generous library of more than 40 app screens covering most shopping requirements. Splash, login, product, category, search, payment and more are there to power up your mobile shop interface. Another nice touch is the included dark version.

Qerza Job Portal iOS App Design Figma Template

Qerza is a niched Figma app template dedicated to mobile job boards, portals and listings. The layout arrangement has been carefully crafted to display a lot of information on small screens. Colors are wisely used to make browsing the app a natural and intuitive experience.

Qerza features a purple based light theme which is exciting and establishes a strong connection with the younger audience. That’s great since younger folks will be the ones to job hunt on mobile phones. You get to work with 30 Figma screens containing numerous hiring related components.

Educrat Professional LMS Online Education Course Figma Template

Educrat is a stunning online learning Figma app template. It’s the ultimate package for educational SaaS and web apps. Designs are very well made with plenty of variation and tasteful color combos. You can choose between illustration and image based styles. Both are flawless and constitute excellent foundations for your app’s UI.

Educrat packs over 60 properly layered Figma layouts covering any learning requirement you encounter. That’s a huge number of components prepared to save a lot of designing time. Homepages, course listings, instructor listings, student details, dashboards, blog and shop pages. There’s even a dark homepage and responsive mobile layout.

Dater Figma Dating UI Kit For Mobile App

Dater is an exciting Figma app template created for love matching mobile apps. The impeccable design provided in the package will help you create a trending appearance for your digital Cupid. Beautiful warm colors are used throughout the template to create a comfortable and safe environment for users to open up their hearts.

The suitable default look and wide range of specific components make Dater an impressive proposition for dating projects. The package offers around 50 high quality layouts together with 9 vector illustrations and 49 custom icons to make your work easier.

RideTalk Carpooling Mobile App and Landing Page Figma Template

RideTalk is one of the best Figma app templates for carpooling mobile apps. The maker goes the extra mile to provide a dedicated landing page besides the app screens. It’s hard to refuse a complete offer like this especially since the resources look amazing.

Bright colors work together with dark and light backgrounds to create a modern and competent visual appearance. There are more than 30 app screens available in the package covering specific carpooling requirements. Besides them you get the featured icon pack too.

Driver Booking UI Kit for Figma

Driver Booking is a Figma template dedicated to ride-hailing mobile apps. Right from the start you’ll notice the package is a well polished version of a real car booking project. It features layouts for all essential user flows in fully layered vector format.

Even the color scheme fits the international convention for taxi rides. Yellow and black with sporadic orange elements fused in a high contrasting light theme. The 32 screens follow the same design system to be easily read outdoors in bright sun conditions.

Ankasa Flight Booking iOS App UI Figma

Ankasa is an attractive Figma booking app template created for smartphones. The design is based on trustful blue hues over white and gray backgrounds. Green and orange highlights complete the color scheme. It’s a classic and failproof color combination.

The design is focused more on getting things done efficiently than artsy aesthetics. So no unnecessary decorations and other elements to distract attention. You receive 12 ready-made mobile screen layouts that work for multiple booking use cases not just flights.

Friendy Figma Social Network Mobile UI Kit

Friendy is an exciting social app Figma template for mobile devices. The vivid color scheme and modern typography set this template apart. They’re chosen to please the younger audience which obviously is the main target audience for this kind of app.

Friendy’s layout is engaging with dynamic sections which are able to supply positive experiences to end users. The package is made up of around 50 Figma screens well organized to facilitate the customization process.

Ombe Coffee Shop iOS App Design UI Template Figma

Ombe is an energizing Figma app template made for one purpose. To help you create the best UI for a coffee centered mobile app. The design is creatively inspired from the coffee world and looks authentic and characterful. It’s extremely efficient in creating an inviting experience for folks who love the black magic liquor.

Ombe’s color scheme blends the well established forest green with eye catching orange hues in a convenient white background theme. It offers 15 unique Figma screens which are enough to start up your coffee shop presentation project. Some mobile screens cover ordering and delivery use cases.

Exhib Event Tickets Figma Template

Exhib is a beautiful light themed Figma app template for ticket buying mobile apps. It works great for events, workshops, seminars, fairs, classes, anything that requires a ticket to attend. Design is well refined and consistent throughout all screens. It obviously follows a clearly defined design system setup by a pro.

The color scheme is safe and efficient but can easily be spiced up if the project calls for it. Figma is notorious for making it easy to apply changes throughout multiple layouts. Exhib provides 40 mobile app screens fully layered and prepped for customization.

Estatery Real Estate SaaS UI Kit

Estatery Figma app template is a complete design solution for real estate web applications. Besides the charming desktop layouts you also receive their mobile counterparts. This is notably useful and frees up a lot of designing time for more creative tasks.

On design front the template is carefully crafted with purple accents over crisp white and light gray backgrounds. The orderly structure, stylish icons and sharp typography make for an elegant appearance. You will find it across all 100 web and mobile layouts.

Queezy Quiz App UI Kit

Queezy is a fun Figma app template made for mobile quiz apps and trivia games. As you’d expect the template’s appearance is joyful and expressive to capture player’s attention and keep it locked in. The author used a playful blend of purple and bright colors together with cute illustrations in line with the overall style.

Although the subject is quite relaxed the package is assembled at the highest standards. Queezy makes no compromise in terms of structure and usability. It offers over 50 mobile app screens fully layered and intuitively named to simplify customization. A nice addition is the ready-to-use components library.

Worka Handyman Services Figma Template

Worka is a cheerful Figma app template specializing in home repair and maintenance services. It’s beautifully styled based on vivid colors, green highlights and light gray backgrounds. Together with the nicely composed elements they portray a professional and trustworthy appearance.

The package is substantial offering over 70 mobile app screens. Fully layered and properly organized in groups. With a bit more customization Worka could fit any type of home services booking. I’m thinking massage, haircut, baby sitting, entertainers for kids parties and similar.

Banking Wallet iOS App UI Figma Template

Banking Wallet is a specialized Figma app template made for digital wallet mobile apps. The design is surprisingly creative for a banking service and was clearly intended for open minded users. They are probably the targeted segment for smartphone banking anyway.

A modern way of interacting with banks needs a modern interface. The maker accomplished that by mixing eye-catching decorations with vibrant purple colors in solid and gradient format. The 12 Figma screens will provide a meaningful design direction for your financial project.

Wpay E-Wallet Mobile App UI Kit

Wpay is a comprehensive Figma app template dedicated to digital wallet and e-banking mobile apps. The design is focused on displaying information clearly and efficiently. Finance is a serious business and so is the style of this template. Few illustrations in key areas give it a more welcoming aura.

Since the app subject revolves around money the color scheme couldn’t be more fitting. Different shades of green with occasional orange highlights. Wpay offers 45 mobile app screens which cover many digital wallet scenarios. There are a total of 75 reliably crafted components to support your project.

Foodie Food Delivery App Figma Template

Foodie is an awesome food delivery Figma app template. The design is dynamic with an energizing red and gray color scheme. Illustrations are tasteful and used with competence to humanize the interface. There are no intricate decorations to admire. Screens are optimized to get your order placed quickly and resume what you where doing as fast as possible.

Foodie is a large package offering close to 50 mobile app screens aligned consistently to an unique design system. It covers food browsing, ordering, tracking, ratings, notifications, user management and more. It’s a solid foundation for your mobile food ordering project.

Spoon Food Ordering and Restaurant Mobile App Figma UI kit

Spoon is a modern restaurant Figma app template. It packs layouts for table reservation, menu showcase, food ordering and more. The design creates a premium feeling suitable for above average locations. There’s something about the unique color scheme and elegant typography that make it stand out.

The package is on the lighter side offering around 15 ready-made screens. But they are more than enough to cover the essential needs of a restaurant mobile app. Components can easily be mixed and matched to create new specific layouts.

FitooZone Fitness App UI Kit for Figma

FitooZone is a gorgeous Figma app kit created for fitness mobile apps. It shines when it comes to managing personal workout routines and progress tracking. Besides the stylish appearance the designs will provide inspiration regarding what makes a fitness app indispensable for workout practitioners.

The royal purple color scheme has the potential to make end users feel special. That ultimately leads to brand loyalty and minimizes churn rate. FitooZone offers up to 40 mobile app artboards crafted to perfection in both light and dark mode. This design asset provides quick return of investment.

Monster Messenger App UI Kit for Figma

Monster addresses the quintessential app type for smartphones. It’s a well structured Figma kit for instant messaging mobile apps. The maker invested a lot of effort to create a beautiful and consistent design system based on just a few basic colors. Blue is used for call to actions. Green, red and purple act as secondary colors.

As the name implies this is a monster package offering over 100 screens in light and dark mode. You will enjoy working with this well refined template to create the next messaging revolution. Or just to add a messaging feature to a broader scope mobile app.

Tonik Task Management Figma App Template

One way to make an impact with a task management app is to make it look spectacular. Tonik is the solution for that. It’s a modern Figma app template specialized in making task management apps look like a million bucks. I trust this effect is due to the vivid color scheme and the components’ studied aesthetics.

Tonik doesn’t disappoint from the screen number point of view either. It packs 30 mobile layouts covering many task related use cases. Listings, details, team members, dashboard, history and many more designs are readily available for customization.

GoTour Tour And Travel App Figma UI Kit

GoTour is the design resource which will help you create popular traveling platforms. It’s a Figma app template created for tourism mobile apps. Everything from the turquoise color scheme to the suggestive illustrations invite users to check out the deals and start packing for holidays.

A lot of attention to detail went into making of GoTour and it shows in the template preview. There are over 30 detailed mobile screen layouts available for speeding up the creative process. This means you’ll finish up work faster and have time to consider some vacation deals yourself 🙂


The Figma app templates collected in this roundup provide generous amounts of ready-made design components. But they also can be used as layout inspiration for wireframes and initial interface planning. They can even produce some feature ideas for the development team since they’re made by pros for real life projects.

It’s always a good idea to check out what has already been done to understand how you can improve it. Also taking into consideration your customer’s vision of course. Having them onboard from the initial ideation will guarantee a smoother acceptance.

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