Best Figma Courses For UI Design

This roundup of Figma courses is the best starting point for anyone looking to improve their UI design skills. Knowing how to use an accessible design app gives you the means and motivation for consistent practice. Figma is extremely accessible because it’s free and has a huge active community. Members constantly share valuable resources like components, templates, inspiration and plugins.

These learning resources are dedicated to students from all creative fields. Designers, developers, marketers, makers they can all join the fun and study how to beautify their projects. Naturally, the visual inclined audience will assimilate notions easier. But neither course has requirements in regards to knowing other design apps to get started. Let’s not waste any more time and dive into the roundup.

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Figma UI UX Design Essentials

The course by Daniel Walter Scott is a great resource for design students of all backgrounds. It starts with a few elements of design theory explained using real life project examples. Then it progresses to building wireframes and prototypes with Figma. As you advance through the course you will learn how to create your own buttons, icons, sections and bring them together in functional layouts.

What makes this course stand out is that all examples, techniques and exercises are strictly related to actual freelancing or design job situations. The course doesn’t teach you just how to use Figma. It explains how to understand project requirements, how to create user flows, what files to deliver upon completion. Stuff you would only learn by working within an agency or freelancer studio.

Complete Web & Mobile Designer UI/UX, Figma

The awesome material created by Andrei Neagoie and Daniel Schifano guides students through each stage of a real design project. From the first client meeting right up to the final assets handoff you will be involved in the entire process. The instructors use a hands-on approach in each lesson to keep you focused and motivated. By the end of the course you will have designed an Amazon contender.

Although Figma is at the core of everything you work on, this is more than a regular Figma class. You will understand how to manage client expectations while keeping the end user’s needs in mind. Color choices, typography selection, components, iconography, micro animations will all come together in a full blown design system. The resulted shopping app will make for a great entry in your personal portfolio.

Learn Figma UI/UX Design Essential Training

Caleb Kingston has created a golden resource for learning essential UI design with Figma. The course is very well structured and doesn’t deviate from its goal. Getting beginner and advanced designers to master the popular free design tool. It starts with the usual interface tour and smoothly transitions into building basic elements required in the next lessons. Caleb is a natural at breaking down things into small learning pills.

As you advance into creating complex layouts you will also learn about constraints and how to achieve responsive designs. Closing up to the main project you get to assemble your own components library. The final part of the course is focused on designing the interface for a mobile recipe app. Here you have the chance of applying everything you previously learned while Caleb guides you through the entire process.

The Complete Figma Course Designing Mobile & Web App UI/UX

Nima Tahami course aims to help students master Figma in order to create web and app designs with ease. It takes beginner designers from the ground level all the way to being ready for employment or able to take freelancing gigs. It’s a big achievement if you stay focused and motivated. And that won’t be hard considering the engaging way Nima conveys his Figma experience throughout the material.

The course is structured logically, starting with an overview and interface presentation. With that out of the way it dives into exercises with popular tools as warmup. Then gets to the bread and butter which is designing a 7 page mobile app for a laundry ordering service. After completing the main project Nima presents some cool Figma features for team collaboration and how to share your work with colleagues and customers.

Figma for UI/UX Master Web Design in Figma

This gem by Cristian Doru Barin is a comprehensive Figma course dedicated to beginner and advanced designers that have 0 experience with the free design tool. After a brief introduction to Figma and its benefits the instructor takes the necessary time to properly explain web design principles. Understanding visual hierarchy, typography, color usage will help you create memorable user experiences.

My favorite part about this course is that the main project is about building a full desktop website and not just a mobile app like other resources. Chris goes the extra mile to include techniques to easily create a responsive version for your desktop design too. By the end of the course you will also learn how to prepare projects for handoff and how to communicate with developers.

UI UX Design Patterns by University UX Instructor

This course by Aaron Lawrence is pure fire if you are a maker or developer with some design experience looking to learn Figma to improve your workflow. The course doesn’t hang around too much on really basic design concepts and doesn’t cover customer interaction. That’s great because if you are a maker, marketer or dev working on your own projects, you are the customer. You know what you want and just need to get it done.

First part of the course goes into details about UI design patterns principles, with use cases, examples, dos and don’ts. It’s extremely in depth touching almost any element you can think of from buttons, menus, forms to fields, accordions, tooltips and many more. How to use them, when to use them. Second part is all about actually creating them with Figma together with tips for better productivity.


Whether you’re a UI design student practicing for your career or a tech-savvy maker looking to design your own interface, this roundup will provide the right Figma learning course. Besides actual Figma techniques many of these resources will teach you how to talk to customers, design principles, workflow optimization and how to handoff a project. Instructors range from entrepreneurs to university professors. Each one with their unique approach and teaching style. Choose the one you like and get ready to master Figma.

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