Best Figma Dashboard UI Kits

Information heavy web apps rely on well structured admin dashboards to properly display their data. If the project calls for it, designers use Figma dashboard UI kits as foundations for getting things done on time. With the bulk of the work already completed they can focus on customization and implementing specific features. The assets below are created by industry professionals.

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Rocketboard Admin Dashboard UI Kit

Rocketboard is an impressive Figma dashboard UI kit. It was created to serve multiple use cases. From ecommerce, calendar and email to chat, tasks and project management. The eye pleasing design system includes 100 templates and over 300 symbols. Light/dark mode available.

Vuexy Figma Admin Dashboard UI Kit Template

Vuexy is a highly customizable Figma dashboard UI kit. The included elements are aligned to the Atomic design style with both light/dark mode included. There more than 500 components included in the kit together with 15 chart templates. It’s a solid choice for app admin interfaces.

Yoda Admin Dashboard & UI Kit

Yoda is an awesome Figma dashboard UI kit created for the best end user experience while keeping designers and developers in mind. More than 70 UI cards are included alongside 100 pages for any screen situation. You will create professional looking apps a lot faster.

Medux Web Dashboard UI Kit for Figma

Medux is a professional looking Figma dashboard UI kit that works great for health and medical use cases. The kit includes 26 pages, 11 different dashboards, 50 types of widgets in a clean and simple design style. It’s easy to customize and features light/dark mode.

Frox Multipurpose Dashboard Figma UI Kit

As the name implies Frox is a multipurpose Figma dashboard UI kit that works for a variety of cases. It has multiple pages for ecommerce, finance, job board, CMS, CRM, analytics, chat, social network and more. There’s a total of 135 screens in both light/dark mode.

Kleon Clean Admin Panel Dashboard UI Template Figma

Superbly designed multipurpose Figma dashboard UI kit. Kleon is a stunning package with admin pages for multiple apps. From invoice, Kanban, calendar to education, SaaS, hr management and more. It offers more than 100 awesome dashboard screens in both light/dark mode.

Jobie Admin Portal Dashboard UI Template Figma

Jobie is a job focused Figma dashboard UI kit which will energize your app interfaces. It features multiple cards and widgets for job portal, freelancing, career and any hiring apps. The color scheme has plenty of character and it’s applied to 12 high quality screens.

Moonboard Admin Dashboard & UI Kit

Moonboard is a flexible Figma dashboard UI kit that includes templates for different sections. Like ecommerce, calendar, mail, chat, tasks, projects, file managers and more. The design is well thought and consistent for all 110 templates. There’s even a charts kit inside.

Alphaboard Admin Dashboard & UI Kit Figma Template

Alphaboard is a straightforward Figma dashboard UI kit built for multipurpose use. It has around 100 templates for different app screens like dashboard, ecommerce, calendar, mail, chat and a few more. The beautiful design will inspire you to create awesome interfaces.

Rockster Admin Dashboard & UI Kit

A well structured Figma dashboard UI kit which offers around 100 ready made designs. Rockster also includes a charts kit which will speed up the design stage of your web app. It features a modern design with vibrant colors in both light/dark mode. A well rounded offer.


High complexity web apps rely on structured dashboards to convey information and receive input from users. The admin interface is a crucial point of interaction and a big part of the overall UX. Creating the design before going to development ensures everything will look nice and tidy. The Figma dashboard UI kits presented above will prove to be valuable design assets.

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