Best Figma Ecommerce Templates

We’re having fun today with a select group of mesmerizing Figma ecommerce templates. Why would you need a professional template when Figma makes it so easy to slap together a few sections that look like an online shop after all? The thing is that online merchants have caught up to the fact that people love buying stuff. Stuff they need, stuff they don’t, stuff they think others need and so on.

Providers of shopping endorphins are not just box movers. They create experiences. They’re making sure purchases are not one timers and hope buyers will spread the word about their great service. The shop interface guides the buyer on every step of the purchase journey. Exceed user’s expectations with a gorgeous appearance and they’ll end up paying a premium just to buy from the shop they love.

Premium Figma templates for ecommerce stores can provide this experience upgrade at lower costs. They offer multiple full page layouts and components ready for customization. Creating an original design from scratch would amount to a small fortune which customers usually can’t afford to pay. Use these pro Figma ecommerce templates to design complete online shop interfaces at a fraction of the cost.

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Uomo Modern & Multipurpose eCommerce Figma Template

Uomo is the epitome of cool. The typography, minimalist color scheme, imagery, wise use of white space. All these elements create a contemporary feel with subtle futuristic touches. The maker was courteous enough to provide some kids oriented demos amoung the 20+ unique layouts. Uomo is not for kids. Quite the opposite. It shines for modern brands in fashion, accessories, cosmetics, gadgets, even urban toys and traveling products. Anything that fits well in an elegant decour.

Besides the wide range of choices for homepages, the package offers different options for inner pages. You get 12 shop list and 16 product pages made to accommodate the homepages style allowing you to dictate the design direction. All these pages make up for a huge source of inspiration and a massive components library. Uomo would make for a powerful asset in your design repository.

Shopper eCommerce Figma Template

This Figma ecommerce template makes no compromises in the style department. Coral highlights, black buttons and 50 or so shades of gray for backgrounds promptly place it in the modern range with hints of playfulness. It has the power to amplify the impact of splendid product shots and premium marketing imagery. On the downside the razor-sharp design can emphasize amateurish images, so make sure this will not be the case.

The package comes with 9 fully customizable homepages dedicated to the classic use cases. Clothing, footwear, accessories and even furniture are some of the subjects served by ready-made layouts. Naturally you get all the necessary inner pages like product listing, product page, cart view, account admin and anything else you would need for a complete ecommerce project.

Shopery Organic eCommerce Figma Template

I don’t know about you but since a few years ago I became a lot more careful regarding what I eat. And this could very well be a trend that online shop owners have noticed and are adjusting to. Shopery is the right Figma template for a food oriented shop. The fresh looking design makes you thing about healthy food at first impression. But you only need to make minor color adjustments to fit a natural pharmacy, supplements store, organic cosmetics, kitchen accessories and more. Your imagination is the limit.

As numbers go the template provides 27 total pages with 5 of them accounting for unique home styles. The rest are inner pages and header/footer variations. It’s a good sized package with plenty of sections and components to choose from. So if you’re in the market for an easy to digest online shop design then Shopery Figma ecommerce template is a solid choice.

Una Multipurpose eCommerce Figma Template

If you’re going for the classic look this Figma ecommerce template nails it effortlessly. When your eyes land on this ecommerce interface you feel comfortable and safe. Like an older James Bond, full of charm and thrilling but without the edge. If the project calls for it you can spice things up with more vivacious colors for buttons and other visually important elements. It’s easy on the eye and doesn’t compete with the content for attention.

Una comes tailored for furniture shops out of the box. Of course you can easily adapt it to other subjects as long as you’re targeting more mature buyers. And let’s face it, that’s where the spenders are. Home decoration shop, bookshop, expensive wines, rare liqueur, tobacco products, modern antiques (is that even possible?) and more posh lifestyle goods. To make life easier the package contains the mobile version for small screens.

Gougi Multipurpose eCommerce Template

Simplicity at its best. That folks, is the short description for Gougi. This smooth looking Figma ecommerce template can quickly be setup for fashion, accessories, jewelry, food, health and supplements ecommerce stores. It comes with 16 ready-made homepages to achieve that. But honestly the supplements demo doesn’t blend in the overall style. Seems like made in a hurry just to add another demo to the bunch.

Anyway with the right amount of design work this template can be adjusted to fit any ecommerce subject. It’s as versatile as it’s easy to use. The overall design is well balanced accommodating products quietly with a sprinkle of excitement to prevent boredom. Except the supplements version which excites me in the wrong way. But enough with that 🙂 Enjoy the rest of unique demos together with the necessary inner pages.

JoyToy Kids Store Template for Figma

JoyToy’s cuddly design is on a mission to make moms disregard the overpriced tags for baby and kids stuff. It miraculously achieves that by deploying soothing warm colors and matching cartoony illustrations. Dads will not be blown away but it doesn’t matter since they are not in charge of purchases until the youngster meets PlayStation age requirements. So the pink, purple and baby blue color scheme fits the use case like a baby princess shoe.

The Figma ecommerce template comes with pre-made layouts for toys and clothing shops but you can easily venture into books, party accessories, care services, baby food, educational products and everything in between. The package provides a couple of homepages plus the necessary shop inner pages. As a bonus you even receive layouts for blogging. That makes it a complete package for a successful shop targeting parents of customers not old enough for online shopping.

Disho Grocery Store for Figma

Disho can help you design a cheerful interface for a healthy foods store. It’s built for small and medium sized ecommerce businesses like grocery, bakery, dairy, winery. Basically anything that ends with “ry”. The provided color scheme uses calming green as primary color with cheeky splashes of red and yellow. Quite fitting for the purpose since it makes visitors think of vegetables, fruits and the sun.

It’s happy days for the designer since Disho comes with 3 different homepages and multiple inner pages which guide shoppers on each purchasing stage. The maker even went the extra mile to offer blog layouts. Using Disho as Figma design template for an ecommerce website would calm visitors down keeping in line with the healthy lifestyle theme.

VeggieBasket An Online Vegetable Shop Figma Template

This Figma ecommerce template turns food buying into an event. It’s every foodies dream. Offers the same actual information as any other interface but the way it delivers it is special. No matter the subject veggies, cheese, bread, fish, meat, wine it makes you fall in love with the products and appreciate them more. The design is anything but balanced. If it had a slogan it would be “buy, eat, repeat”. It’s that good.

VeggieBasket wasn’t made for huge impersonal ecommerce sites. It’s dedicated to smaller shops with premium products and matching prices of course. With this design in place and proper product shots visitors will expect to pay more for what they’re buying. The name VeggieBasket doesn’t do it any justice. You’ll understand what I mean when you see the fish, meat and wine previews. They are part of 12 unique homepage layouts accompanied by the specific inner pages.

Zeomart Multi-Vendor & Marketplace Figma Template

Amazon better watch out because this Figma ecommerce template means business. Zeomart’s design is for professional sellers with huge inventories, lots of categories and world domination aspirations. The appearance is very modern and easy on the eye but quite impersonal as you can imagine since it’s mission is to accommodate any type of product. It’s designed for marketplaces after all not for niched ecommerce ventures. No other template scores higher in terms of scale and flexibility.

The package is a blessing for designers with 10 different homepage layouts, 8 shop list, 11 product pages and more shop specific pages. They form a section and components library which saves so much time when creating designs for this type of really big websites. You even get the mobile versions for small screen adjustments. The makers have invested a lot of attention into details establishing Zeomart as a solid foundation for impactful ecommerce websites.

Bookoe Book Store Website UI Design Figma Template

Books, CDs, DVDs. Nobody will know what these are in a couple of years. If your client wants to take him self out of business then at least enable them to go in style 🙂 Or suggest them some product ideas that are future proof. Ebooks, courses, digital downloads. They are all on the rise. And Bookoe is well prepared for them. It has a modern feel with rounded corners, light backgrounds and royal purple to highlight interactions.

Bookoe Figma ecommerce template comes with 6 pages which may not seem like a lot in the beginning… yes they actually don’t seem a lot at any point. But is more than enough of foundation for a well versed designer to get the job done. At $10 you get awesome design inspiration and a healthy chunk of ready-made work. The value is far beyond the purchase price and you can focus on other required creative tasks. I only wish it had a dark version.


The future of ecommerce design is in safe hands. Figma is free and makes team collaboration easier. Digital assets are of high quality and bring consistency to the design department. And with all the knowledgeable UI/UX tutorials available online it’s virtually impossible to go wrong. The Figma ecommerce templates curated in this roundup provide serious inspiration to level up the buying experience which you are in charge of.

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