Best Figma Landing Page Templates

I’ve assembled the following collection of best Figma landing page templates to offer you a selection of awesome design assets. You probably landed on this page in pursuit of finding helpful resources for a personal or freelance landing page project. You’re in the right place.

This article presents templates from design professionals which packed their landing page crafting skills and customer experience in ready-to-use Figma files. All you have to do is find the one which fits the style you envisioned, buy it for instant access and dive into customization.

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Digits Landing Page Template

Digits is a superb Figma landing page template offering multiple options for apps and software related subjects. Designs look invigoratingly fresh making them fit for youthful open minded visitors. Soft backgrounds and bright colors are well balanced to attract attention.

One of the highlights is the seamless mix between images and illustrations. They’re both smoothly integrated throughout the pages. Sections are carefully arranged in crafted story flows to keep visitors engaged. The 8 landing pages will surely spice up your online presentations.

Agencico Responsive Landing Page Templates

Agencico is a flexible Figma template capable of morphing into SaaS, startup and agency landing pages. Design is kept consistent for each version by an eye-catching system which fits in the creative business style. It features supportive smooth backgrounds brought to life by vivid spots of color.

Color in general is used wisely throughout the template to highlight important bits and persuade visitors to click on call to actions. It’s a lively experience which brakes the norms of regular boring business templates. The package provides 5 layouts plus mobile views.

Shapro Multipurpose Landing Page Design Figma Templates

Shapro is a versatile Figma landing page template created to help with agency, startup and web app projects. The provided versions don’t have any design elements in common. Some layouts look professional with few colors and neutral imagery. Others are noisy with many colors and cartoony illustrations.

It’s all up to your preference or maybe your customer’s requirements. Shapro delivers for different tastes. Besides the 5 different homepages you receive 12 inner pages built in one modern style. They’re life savers if you need to detail portfolio items, services, about and contact info.

BestKit Landing Page Figma Template

BestKit is probably one of the finest business style Figma templates in the roundup. Colors, layout, typography, all work in harmony for one purpose. To present a company’s value proposition and persuade visitors to become customers. The maker is an artisan of making boring things cool.

If properly coded BestKit will become a lead generation machine. It was created with coding in mind hence the lack of artistic fluff that give developers headaches. It packs 6 different landings aligned to the same modern style and a few convenient extra pages like sign up, blog and jobs.

Mappix Saas Startup Figma Landing Template

If your project’s audience consists of forward thinking young folks then you can’t go wrong with Mappix. It will make your app landing page look cool and exciting. Necessary traits to grab the attention of design conscious members of the public.

Although completely different for each variation, color schemes are amazing and play a major part in the overall appearance. Layouts are basically built around these colors adding beautiful illustrations as icons and background decorations.

This light theme package offers 5 versions for SaaS, mobile app and software. Besides these you also receive a few useful extra pages. It’s not a big library but what lacks in quantity compensates with originality.

Onatrix Finance Consulting and Business Figma Template

Onatrix is a Figma template which effortlessly achieves the impossible. It brings elegance and style to the dreary world of finance, accounting, legal and business consulting. Of course the color scheme is restraint and there’s nothing much in terms of exciting decorations.

And it makes sense after all because finance is a serious business. A landing page designed with Onatrix will feel trustworthy and reliable in a coat of charismatic style. The package is huge offering 10 landing pages and 35 extra pages to help you present additional details.

Onir Mobile App Landing Page Figma Template

Onir is a uniquely styled Figma landing page template focused on mobile apps. The design falls in the hate it or love it category. If you don’t like it that much then you’ll probably end up hating it because there is no variation. You’re stuck with it.

If you like it like I do, you’ll end up loving it because it’s consistently applied to all extra pages in the package. Although it’s simple the layout conveys a lot of personality. It must be the soft warm backgrounds combined with bold dark blue borders of highlighted elements.

They steal the show for me together with the generous amount of space around elements which amplifies the positive effect. Onir offers 3 landing page versions and a couple of extra pages.

Larson Architecture Interior Figma Template

Larson is a Figma landing page template tailored for architecture and home décor projects. The design is very appropriate for the subject. It puts together an efficient black and yellow color scheme, subtle rectangular decoration and matching typography.

These elements combined create a long lasting positive impression with minimum effort. Larson is a high value package providing 5 homepage variations in both light and dark mode. Besides them it offers 20 inside pages for services specific layouts.

Glamified Beauty Products Web Landing page Figma Template

Glamified is a glamorous Figma landing page template centered on beauty products for women and men. The design is incredibly well polished and certainly rises up to the occasion. Elegant and smooth, it manages to create the right atmosphere to successfully sell beauty products.

The generous package comes with 10 splendid variations. Each one features it’s own unique style, color scheme, typography settings and layout arrangement. None of the versions is just for filler. They’re all crafted to perfection and meet their purpose flawlessly.

Emprise UI Tour Travel Landing Page Figma Template

Emprise is a tourism focused Figma landing page template. It’s optimized to present enticing travel offers and convince visitors to purchase them. Layouts are smartly built for displaying larger amounts of information and colors are ingeniously deployed to highlight call to actions.

The design uses colors and elements extracted from the tourism theme and sends out holiday and adventure vibes. This makes the landing page more efficient and increases conversions. Emprise offers 2 landing page variations and a couple of inside pages for the booking process.


This collection of best Figma landing page templates enables you to tap in the real world experience of professional designers. Some of them are actually frontend developers too. Besides good design you get conversion optimized pages created to be easily transformed into code. The end game is to get them online to start generating leads and revenue for the owner.

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