Best Figma Mobile UI Kits

Smartphones are in everyone’s pocket and sustain an ever growing mobile app market. Creators use Figma UI kits to produce better results in a shorter amount of time. The following Figma mobile ui kits offer pre-built layouts and components carefully aligned to cohesive design systems. It’s a convenient way to deliver well designed apps which capture user interest for a longer period of time.

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Platin Multipurpose UI Kit for Figma

Platin is a multipurpose Figma mobile UI kit created to serve as design foundation for a wide range of app interfaces. It offers more than 60 screens carefully aligned to a modern design system. A great creative resource for designers and frontend developers.

Oswald Templates Smart UI Kit

Oswald is a universal Figma mobile UI kit which will elevate the design of your user interface project. It’s a distinct and classy design with the added flexibility of light/dark mode. The kit packs no less than 450 screens based on smart UI elements.

Rika eCommerce Mobile App UI Kit For Figma

Rika is a minimalist ecommerce Figma mobile UI kit well suited for online shops that need a modern and stylish appearance. It has plenty of white negative space which highlights the content beautifully. It features more than 50 screens well organized in layers.

E-Shop Ecommerce App UI Kit

E-Shop is a well balanced Figma mobile UI kit dedicated to ecommerce interfaces. It will help you create clean and stylish appearances for mobile shops. The kit features a clear style guide and includes 26 screens. All aligned to a beautiful light theme.

Lifesum Health and Fitness Mobile App UI kit Figma

Great Figma mobile UI kit dedicated to health and fitness. Lifesum is a splendid package based on vivid colors and high contrast sections. It’s a well structured package with more than 85 screens that offer plenty of choice when creating your app’s interface.

Medcure Medical App UI Kit for Figma

Medcure is a clean looking Figma mobile UI kit for medical apps. From medicine ordering and doctor appointments to pill reminders and hospital searches this kit can cover many use cases. It provides more than 80 carefully designed mobile screens to save your time.

Medix UI Kit

Medix is a health and medicine Figma mobile UI kit ready to help you create easy-to-use interfaces for doctor consultation booking apps. The kit includes 80 screens designed with usability and beauty in mind. The screens are available both in light/dark mode.

Friendy Figma Social Network Mobile UI Kit

Working on the next social unicorn? Friendy will provide inspiration and allow you to speed up interface design time. The social network Figma mobile UI kit looks great and will appeal to the young user base. It’s made up of 50 screens that cover any situation.

ButrFly Social UI Kit for Figma

ButrFly is a great foundation for designing social and chat apps user interfaces. The social Figma mobile UI kit has impressive visuals and features both light/dark mode options. The 60 screen collection is well organized and prepared for customization.

Monster Messenger App UI Kit for Figma

Monster is a multipurpose Figma mobile UI kit dedicated to messaging, social media and mobile payment use cases. All elements are aligned to a beautiful and contemporary design system available in both light/dark mode. It offers over 100 mobile screens.

Dater Figma Dating UI Kit For Mobile App

As the name suggests Dater is a dating app focused Figma mobile UI kit. The design is definitely addressing love struck users with a light orange color scheme and plenty of white space to highlight the content. The package holds close to 50 unique mobile screens.

Finence Figma Bank, Wallet & Finance Mobile UI Kit

Finence is a well organized finance Figma mobile UI kit with blue and black color scheme. The layout and color choices make for a reliable and professional appearance. It contains more than 65 screens which cover any situation of a finance app user flow.

Wpay E-Wallet Mobile App UI Kit

Wpay is a wallet Figma mobile UI kit with a fresh design based on green nuances color scheme with orange highlights. Layout elements have rounded corners, great typography and feel modern overall. The kit provides a library of 45 well organized app screens.

Maxpay Fintech App Figma UI Template

Maxpay is a fintech specialized Figma mobile UI kit which shines for finance, e-wallet, mobile banking and internet banking use cases. It’s based on one of the prettiest design systems in the roundup with amazingly appealing colors and harmonious layout structure.

Driver Booking UI Kit for Figma

Driver is a highly specialized Figma mobile UI kit. It’s focused on car hailing, driver booking and taxi app interfaces. The design is very well adapted to these use cases with yellow, orange and black color schemes. More than 30 interface screens are included.

Queezy Quiz App UI Kit

A great solution for creating education, quiz and trivia mobile app interfaces. Queezy is well structured Figma mobile UI kit packing more than 100 components in a beautiful and modern design. It features 50 screens ready to save time and provide inspiration.


Design takes a lot of time and energy. Having the starting point and the style parameters of a high quality UI kit is a powerful advantage. You get to use years of professional design experience wrapped in a digital Figma asset. All those beautiful layouts, multiple components and matching color schemes take the stress out of the process. Allowing room for creativity instead.

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