Best Figma Portfolio Templates

This roundup of best Figma portfolio templates is meant to help you find an awesome design for presenting completed projects to the online audience. The following templates work well for both agencies and individuals. They’re great for results oriented makers which love to move fast.

Spending more than a couple of hours just on the design stage may not be everyone’s cup of tea. When you’re under pressure to complete gigs, find new ones, learn new tech, time is never enough. So let’s jump right in and see which package suits your requirements better.

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Crope Creative Web Agency Figma UI Template

Crope is a stunning dark themed Figma template for agencies and portfolios. The mysterious and artistic style is a match made in heaven for creative visual projects. There is definitely some fantasy inspiration in Crope’s design. A minimal color scheme amplifies the effect.

Besides the homepage Crope offers 8 inner pages which cover everything from project details and services to contact and 404 error. It’s not heavy on library elements but has tons of character. If uniqueness is the vibe you’re looking for then you should check out this template.

Kinsey Creative Portfolio Figma Template

Kinsey is a beautifully crafted Figma portfolio template based on a monochromatic design. The minimalist appearance is great for premium projects and services. Whether they are apps, websites or artwork the portfolio items take center stage from the first screen.

Over 10 full screen slider versions are available for the main portfolio presentation. Once you have that in place there are 2 landing page layouts available to finalize the homepage. Just enough variation to cover most needs. Multiple inside pages can be used for the rest of the site.

Borne Agency portfolio Figma Template

Borne is a sublime Figma portfolio template for creative agencies and individuals. Both light and dark versions are just as stylish mainly due to the minimalist design and monochromatic color scheme. Typography is bold and will help your portfolio make a powerful statement.

There is no way your projects and experience will be overlooked if they are presented in this modern format. Borne is not a big package but has all the essentials in a total of 17 layouts. If you’re not sold on the rounded everything trend then Borne is a strong option.

Ziomm Creative Agency Portfolio Figma Template

Ziomm is a surprising Figma portfolio template. It’s like a breath of fresh air in a sea of similarly looking designs. Layout composition is original, backgrounds have just enough interesting decorations and the typography turns the modernist dial up a notch.

Black and pink red is my favorite color scheme. Stands for innovation and nonconformism. The package provides 12 different homepages and multiple inner pages for a total of 50 layouts. More than enough to enable you to create a positive and ingenious portfolio design.

Lpardo Creative agency Figma Template

Lpardo is a Figma portfolio template created to present the work and services of mature and established agencies. Design elements suggest a corporate vibe which is great for large teams with numerous high profile projects. The consistent yellow and black scheme is awesome.

The package is rich in layout elements which come in handy if you’re aiming for deep customization. Lpardo comes with 2 homepages, 4 portfolio styles, services and blog layouts for a total of 24 Figma screens. They represent a solid foundation for agency portfolio sites.

Orabel Portfolio Figma Template

Orabel is an evocative Figma portfolio template focusing on highly creative people. Artist work presentations would feel at home in Orabel’s setting. It’s aimed for painters, photographers, illustrators and other such trades that rely on impactful images to get the message across.

Serif fonts used in typography, monochromatic backgrounds and the minimal color theme set the tone for a gallery-like experience. The 23 layouts make you feel exposed to something unique. Like being in the presence of greatness while time slows down to facilitate immersion.


It’s never easy to get a good lock on what defines your style and how to represent that in your portfolio. Even harder if you’re trying to figure it out for someone else. Previewing the items in this best Figma portfolio templates roundup will reveal your preferred design direction.

If you decide to use the one closest to your vision it will be a major time saver. Customizing existing elements takes a lot less time than building them from scratch. But I guess you don’t need me to remind you of that. It’s an obvious solution for time sensitive projects.

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