Best Figma Website Templates

Freelance and agency designers love templates because they save them precious time when dealing with time sensitive projects. This roundup of the best Figma website templates features professional design resources to feed your inspiration and boost your creative work.

You’ll be proud with the results if you invest the necessary customization time and take them through your own vision. I’ve selected items from respectable makers with positive reviews and significant number of sales. All templates are built to the highest quality standards and will not disappoint neither beginner or advanced designers.

They are created for a variety of use cases covering subjects like business, landing page, apps, software, agency, portfolio, real estate, education, listings and more.

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Silicon Multipurpose Business Technology Figma Template

Silicon is a beautiful multipurpose Figma website template that has to be designed by someone who also does coding for a living. There isn’t a single element that an intermediate frontend developer wouldn’t be able to code easily. No bells and whistles just for art’s sake. Each element is purposeful and contributes directly to the visitor’s experience.

Layouts look amazing in both light and dark themes, with modular sections that can be easily mixed and matched. The package provides 12 unique homepages for creative, startup and corporate segments. You will find ready-made layouts covering mobile apps, web apps, services, events, agency and blogging.

Besides homepages Silicon also provides a generous set of inner pages to accommodate general necessities like about, services, blog, contact. And specific requirements like pricing, portfolio, courses and account management. It’s a high value design asset for your repository.

B_system Massive All in One Design System

B_system is a super flexible Figma template capable of addressing any type of website project. From app landing pages and business sites to online shops and directory listings B_system has you covered in style. Layouts can seem somewhat generic at first glance but that’s a downside of interchangeability.

You can mix sections from different concepts and still get a feeling of consistency when scrolling pages. Colors are well chosen and adapted to the type of used imagery. Photo based layouts feature less intense nuances while illustration based designs have more exuberant hues.

Typography settings are optimized to represent content hierarchy without making the visitor think about it. B_system offers more than 50 ready-made layouts summing up over 400 design components ready to be used in your projects.

Mynx Multipurpose Figma Template

I’m not sure if Mynx represents a creature in the animal kingdom. But I’m sure that for this roundup it’s a prime contender for “leader of the pack” status. This multipurpose Figma website template excels on multiple levels. Design is superb and consistent for each homepage variation.

Color scheme is simple but very well applied throughout the layouts. And the package is huge bursting with pages, sections and components. Mynx enables designers to build any type of presentational website providing 25 unique homepages. These come packed with even more inside pages for a grand total of 200+ section layouts.

Definitely more than just a design foundation. It’s a full fledged library of ready-made design work which will take your project to the next level. Did I mention it’s even tested to work for color blind folks? This template is in a class of its own.

Createx Multipurpose Website Templates for Figma

Createx is a multipurpose Figma website template with a twist. Other templates offer a certain number of homepage variations and a single set of inside pages which needs to fit all variations. Createx provides 5 complete and unique website templates each with homepage and dedicated inside pages.

This means the inside pages are less generic and borrow more design cues from the homepage. Couple of templates stand out from the 5 pack. They are the agency and online courses use cases. You’ll immediately notice the inspiring layouts and fitting color schemes.

Online courses is my personal favorite because it has the most character. All of them are solid foundations for efficient websites and will save a lot of time thanks to the multiple sets of inner pages.

Sassio App SaaS Software Startup Agency Figma Template

Sassio is an app centered Figma website template that’s not afraid to play with colors and vector decorations. Actually that’s a fitting word to describe the overall design. Playful business style which ads fun to casual business. 3D cartoony illustrations and background decorations are used creatively to support the cheerful theme.

Beautiful icons sprinkled across layouts guide users’ eyes and help get the message across. You can spot the craftsmanship while browsing the provided 10 homepage layouts. Although they are distinct, the design pattern that binds them together ensures consistent styling for each one.

Alongside homepages the author bundled a large number of inside pages to cover almost any requirement of an app presentation project. Multiple portfolio, service and blog layouts extend the scope from apps to startup and even agency websites.

Centrix Creative Agency & Portfolio Figma Template

Centrix embodies creativity. This Figma template pushes the envelope in terms of visuals for agency and personal portfolio websites. Sharp edges, bold typography and high contrast color scheme are key ingredients for an edgy modernist style. No rounded corners, no soft backgrounds, no compromise.

This template is meant for maximum impact with little room for anything else. And it makes perfect sense because it’s a showcase tool created to impress above all else. The color scheme is extremely narrow. All variations revolve around yellow and black which is a powerful combo. But you are not limited in any way from customization.

Just imagine how the previews would look by replacing yellow with magenta, a fiery green or a scorching orange. Instant vibe change with minimum effort. Centrix comes with 9 homepage layouts and more inside pages for services, portfolio, blog and team details. There are a total of 25 layouts provided.

Digits Landing Page Template

Digits is a multi-role Figma template dedicated to apps, startups and young agency one page websites. Esthetic style is lively and colorful appealing to a youthful and design-conscious audience. Hats off to the maker Darinka for mixing photos and illustrations in such a seamless manner. Not every template combines these 2 contrasting image types so smoothly.

Color scheme is beautifully crafted for each layout with soft backgrounds and suggestive highlights. It’s easy to figure out that Digits was made by a designer who knows web development. Because each of the 46 content blocks is practical and easy to translate into code.

You can use any of the 8 page layouts as they are or start mixing and matching sections to achieve your vision. They’re built using the same general guidelines exactly for this purpose. The pretty appearance is supported by real substance. As each individual layout follows a story flow optimized for conversion.

Rhye Photography Portfolio Figma Template

Rhye is a splendid Figma website template dedicated to photographers, video makers and painters. Gallery sections are the highlights because they take center stage on artist websites. The style as you’d expect from a template for modern artists expresses a lot with few elements.

It’s minimalist but effective, managing to amplify the impact of showcased works. There are both light and dark themed gallery examples, all of them adaptable to static and video content. Typography plays a major part in creating the right mood for visitors to open their mind and absorb the artist’s message.

Rhye provides 10 homepage gallery sections, multiple album grids and 12 showcase item detail pages. The package is generous offering a total of 50 pages and sections. Among them the designer will find useful layouts for blog, about, contact and even 404 error page. The maker went the extra mile to create a well polished design asset for creatives.

Superio Job Board Figma Template

Superio is a sharp Figma website template focused on job boards and listings. It’s a complete package on a mission to help you connect all hiring parties through an intuitive interface. List, details and dashboard views are provided for jobs, employers and candidates. Layouts look extremely professional with straight to the point styling.

At the same time they provide an approachable appearance through smart use of warm colors and rounded shapes. There is an impressive amount of details in every inner page. All the elements you can possibly need are there and they’re offered in different variations too.

Even inexperienced designers will be able to create awesome job site designs using Superio. The template comes with 17 unique homepage layouts, 14 job list pages and 5 job detail views. You also receive multiple employer lists, candidate lists, dashboard views, messaging layouts and many more.

Skola LMS Online Education Course School Figma Template

Skola is a comprehensive Figma website template focused on a broad range of online learning projects. It enables designers to easily create attractive platforms for online learning, education, courses, schools and LMS. Designs are visually stunning across the entire range of provided styles.

Image based designs tend to look more professional while illustration based ones lean towards the fun-creative side. Color schemes are vivid and lively with obvious patterns which are easy to replicate on inside pages. Typography is another strong point proving capable of maintaining visual hierarchy for large amounts of information.

Skola offers no less than 15 truly distinct homepages, 6 course list pages and 5 course details designs. That’s a lot of variation to choose from. You also receive multiple inner pages with components for lesson presentation, student feedback, assignments, surveys, forms, quizzes and many more.

Houzing Real Estate Figma Template

Houzing is one of the best Figma website templates tailored for real estate projects. As you’d expect the design style leans towards professionalism with image based backgrounds and no cartoony illustrations. Houzing vibes are all about trustworthiness, dependability and ease of use.

Buying a property is a serious investment and can’t be taken too lightly. Of course a business-like appearance doesn’t have to be boring. The makers managed to pour just enough excitement in the visual mix so visitors are kept engaged throughout their real estate browsing experience.

Houzing provides a huge number of ready-made assets to help you design a real estate portal with ease. Over 10 different homepages are offered to help you decide what kind of first impression you want to create. And multiple inside pages for listings, details, agent, blog and shop layouts.

Finder Multipurpose Directory Listings Figma Template

Finder is a versatile Figma template for car, jobs, real estate and city guide directory websites. It’s heavy on expressive illustrations, cute icons and vivid colors which convey a welcoming and relaxed appearance. Rounded corners and softer colors set the mood for curiosity and exploration.

Even though the included use cases are different and come with specific components, Finder is set up so it’s easy to mix sections to accommodate your vision. The general design parameters are shared among different pages in order to facilitate customization work.

Finder is a well structured package offering 4 major homepage variants. Besides these you also receive multiple inside pages like catalog, sign up, account, vendor, item details, grid view, list view and many others. A nice touch is the option between light and dark mode.


The Figma website templates in this roundup can help both beginner and advanced designers. Besides saving time and having to work less, beginners get ideas on how to use existing tools for new elements. Seasoned designers can learn new techniques and gain time for offering additional creative services. Branding, custom illustrations, marketing assets are easy sellers alongside website layouts.

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