Best Figma Wireframe Kits

This best Figma wireframe kits roundup is a collection of essential design assets dedicated to help you prototype websites faster. Wireframes are a convenient way to visualize website layouts before investing time in detailed designs. They are the first stage of the website design process.

Outlining a wireframe for the website you are about to create offers multiple benefits. It helps with testing early versions of text and images content. Simplifies communication with partners and collaborators. Allows for a better evaluation of design and development requirements.

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This way time and cost estimates become a lot more accurate and everyone’s expectations easier to meet. Check out the following Figma wireframe kits and see which one is closest to your objectives.

Figwire Multipurpose Figma Wireframe

Figwire is a general purpose Figma wireframe kit created to replace your analogue website sketches with basic digital blueprints. Design is kept to a minimum so you can focus on building structure and context. It’s a great package for the early stages of your website.

Figwire provides access to a library of 240 desktop frames covering any type of website section. Headers, navigation, features, pricing, testimonials, table, gallery, contact and many more. The library also holds 200 mobile frames and 2 full fledged landing pages.

Leia eCommerce Wireframe Kit for Figma

Leia is a Figma wireframe kit specialized in ecommerce websites. The minimalist design will help you create quick drafts for any type of online shop. They’re great starting points for discussions with the development team and the customer.

The package is well structured and optimized for speedy customization. It offers 60 page layouts with a total of over 120 sections. They cover header variations, product listings, product details pages, checkout interface and multiple homepages.

WireBlock Wireframe UI Kit for Figma

WireBlock is a general purpose Figma wireframe kit created to serve any kind of website blueprints. Components are thoroughly organized in a useful library which can easily generate a wide range of website layouts. Simply assemble the provided elements according to your vision.

WireBlock offers around 170 basic blocks for common website areas. Hero, features, portfolio, team, pricing, dashboards all the way to blog posts and contact. With some invested time each block can be adjusted to your project’s specific requirements.

SaaS Design Figma Wireframe Kit

Figma Wireframe Kit by SaaS Design is a flexible design asset for prototyping websites in the shortest amount of time. All components are basic and can easily be used to create complete layouts. Designers, developers, makers with minimum Figma experience will have no problems using it.

You get around 100 layouts to play with in desktop, tablet and mobile format. They’re beautifully designed to portray a professional image for your project right from the start. Makers have included a valuable Figma graphs and charts system as bonus.

Outline Figma Ultimate Wireframe Kit

Outline is a simple and efficient Figma wireframe kit for multipurpose presentation websites. The well polished components package can reliably deliver eye-catching design prototypes. It’s made with Figma’s auto layout feature to simplify responsive use cases.

The library provides access to over 90 ready-made layouts consisting of more than 350 components and variants. Accordions, buttons, inputs, modals, date pickers, progress bars and more elements are included to answer even the most demanding prototyping needs.

Platforma Website Wireframe Kit

Platforma is a robust Figma wireframe kit for building usable website prototypes. It’s designed to speed up your workflow without restricting your creativity. As you’d expect the styling is basic yet elegant. Perfect for professional drafts to share with team members and clients.

There are over 170 foundation elements in Platforma’s component library. They are carefully organized in main categories and aligned to the same consistent design system. Each item can be configured globally in the master components page. The set is available in tablet and mobile format as well.

The Dot UI Wireframe Kit

The Dot is an impressive Figma wireframe kit for website concepts. Even if the styling is reduced to bare-bones it still manages to grab your attention. The blue color scheme and bold typography aim successfully for an impactful visual appearance. It raises the bar for prototyping standards.

The Dot excels both in terms of quality and quantity. Something you don’t see that often. It provides 220 desktop layouts backed up by 200 mobile ones for small screen drafts. Besides regular website sections The Dot includes multiple screens for ecommerce interfaces.


The benefits of using wireframes are obvious. Especially for larger projects and situations where multiple contributors need common ground. They also make client communication a lot easier. The resources collected here are some of the best Figma wireframe kits available online. All the makers featured in the article draw their experience from real-world projects.

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