Best Flutter UI Kits

Flutter is a popular solution for creating Android and iOS mobile apps using a single codebase. UI kits specifically created for Flutter are loved by developers which integrate read-made work in their projects. Nobody can deny the benefits of this approach. The active community has created some cool time saving resources which you can check out below as Flutter UI kits.

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ProKit Flutter UI Kit

ProKit is an impressive multipurpose Flutter UI kit dedicated to any kind of mobile project. The massive package features 32 full apps, 14 themes and more than 1560 screens. All components are aligned to a beautiful and unique design system which conveys a modern appearance.

FlutKit Flutter UI Kit

FlutKit is a well structured multipurpose Flutter UI kit. It’s a solid foundation for building multiple types of apps. Create anything from shopping, hotel and news to social, chat and music apps. The kit provides no less than 23 sample apps, 550 screens and light/dark mode.

DevKit Flutter UI Kit

DevKit is a multipurpose Flutter UI kit with a clean and elegant design. It will speed up your mobile app development with more than 575 screens for a variety of situations. It’s a well designed package offered with a through documentation to simplify customization.

SmartKit Pro Flutter Biggest UI Kit

SmartKit Pro is a generous Flutter UI kit containing assets for most popular app types. Music, shopping, recipes, travel, fitness are just some of the covered subjects. You even get UIs for a few mobile games. The design is superb and will have a positive impact on your audience.

Flutter Bigkit Material Widget Component

As the name suggests Flutter Bigkit is a comprehensive UI kit for multipurpose mobile apps. The package includes more than 500 well organized widget components. Together with the awesome design style they enable you to create beautiful and feature-rich mobile apps.

Flutter Biggest UI Kit

Flutter Biggest UI Kit is an impressive collection of more than 1000 beautiful mobile app screens. It covers over 25 app types from a variety of subjects. Screens are modern and stylish with beautifully colored designs. This package saves time and provides inspiration.

StartKit Flutter UI Kit

StartKit is a well structured Flutter UI kit comprised of 16 mobile app templates and more than 1000 interface screens. The total amount of ready-made work available inside will save you around 1500 design and development hours. An awesome multipurpose package.

Flutter ECommerce UI KIT

This Flutter UI kit is focused on ecommerce mobile apps. Based on 32 interface screens, it covers all mobile shopping situations. Design wise it’s very well polished with beautiful typography and well chosen color scheme. The provided documentation speeds up customization.

Flutter UI Kit E-Commerce App

This ecommerce Flutter UI kit is a solid foundation for mobile shop projects. It offers more than 60 screen layouts featuring smooth transitions and animations. The code is well commented and structured for easy customization. An overall well polished resource.

Food Delivery Flutter App UI Kit

Food Delivery is a restaurant focused Flutter UI kit with a clean and modern design. The package offers more than 25 app screens and 70 components in both light/dark mode. They’re tied together in a seamless experience due to the smooth animations and smooth transitions.

Hotel Booking Flutter UI kit

As the name suggests this Flutter UI kit was created for hotel booking mobile apps. It contains more than 30 screens with the necessary UI components. The kit will save your time when developing frontends for hospitality mobile apps. Light/dark mode is also included.

Flutter Football UI Kit

Flutter Football is a sports dedicated mobile app UI kit. The included screens cover news, chats and stats, lineup & commentary, registration, password reset and more. They are aligned to a modern design style and feature the mandatory light/dark mode.


Flutter makes it easy to develop high performance apps for both Android and iOS. They can have similar features and will feel like native apps. The Flutter UI kits presented in this roundup will provide ready-made components and design inspiration for your mobile projects. This way you can focus more on functionalities and worry less about common components. Hope you will find them useful.

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