50 Google Sites Templates

This is a collection of some of the best Google Sites templates you will find online. Selected free and premium templates from 3rd party dedicated makers. I didn’t include the default ones provided with the builder. You can easily browse those in the app.

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Free Google Sites templates


Drebin is a superb free Google Sites template for business websites. The design is carefully crafted to be consistent for all 3 pages. Yes it’s a multi-page template providing About us and Product details pages besides the homepage. Drebin is so well designed that it basically redefines what you can achieve with Google Sites.


Crockett is a generous free Google Sites business template. It’s a huge package with multiple pages that will help you create detailed online presentations for companies. You get all the sections you need and more. All wrapped up in a modern design which inspires professionalism and trust.


Fletcher is a free Google Sites template dedicated to architecture firms. Architecture customers are notoriously design sensitive people. Fletcher will not only make a great first impression but it will keep them engaged for the entire browsing experience. It offers sections to present the company, projects, services, team and contact details.


Bosch is a beautiful free Google Sites portfolio template. The minimal but impactful design makes it an obvious choice for modern creatives. It enables painters, illustrators, photographers to showcase their work in a gallery style format.


Magnum is a free Google Sites one page template created for showcasing portfolios. It’s a solid early stage online presentation for freelancers and small agencies. The design is well balanced with enough white space to focus visitors attention on the projects and message.

Kate Harper

Kate Harper is an elegant Google Sites artist template. It’s great for writers but works for other type of artists too. The green based color scheme conveys a fresh and modern look. It’s a one page website with anchor links between sections. Perfect for a brief online bio.

Sarah’s Book Bouquet

Sarah’s Book Bouquet is a free Google Sites writer template. Use it to present personal details and completed projects for writers and artists. Besides the homepage overview it provides pages for About, Book catalogue, Contact and Blog articles.


Trainer as the name suggests is a free Google Sites template for personal trainer and fitness instructor websites. The black and blue light theme design fits the use case very well. It inspires strength and discipline. The package offers Classes and Contact pages besides the homepage.


Karan is a well designed free Google Sites template for wellness and yoga studios. The unique color scheme makes this template stand out. It literally invites to calm and meditation. You get multiple ready-made pages aligned to the same impressive design system. They enable users to present classes, instructors, articles and contact details.

Fintan Gym

Fintan Gym is a specialized Google Sites template focusing on gym websites. It has a modern design based on evocative images and high contrasting color scheme. Layouts are minimal allowing visitors to focus on the message and persuading them to take action.


Columbo is a flexible free Google Sites template dedicated to coffee shops. Users can easily extend its scope to bistros, cake shops and similar tasteful places. The design is professionally crafted and layouts are made for easy customization.


Bergerac is an elegant free Google Sites template for restaurants, bistros, coffee shops and other culinary experiences. The minimal design is brought to life by impactful typography and assorting imagery. The template offers multiple pages with different layouts to help you produce a compelling online presentation.

Angel Charity

Angel Charity is a free Google Sites template for charity and non-profit organizations. It has an impactful color scheme based on grays and pink highlights. You get to work with multiple sections and pages to create a compelling online presentation.

Premium Google Sites templates


Business is a specialized Google Sites template focused on company presentations. You can easily extend its scope to government, institutions and non-profits. The design is professional and consistent for all provided pages. Layouts include all sections needed for an efficient online presence.


Modern is a good looking Google Sites template that suits startup and business presentation websites. It has a minimal design and a restrained color scheme which convey a modern appearance as the name implies.

Green Startup

Green Startup is a youthful Google Sites template dedicated to startup companies. It looks fresh and modern while retaining a professional feel. The green color scheme is wisely used in all sections and gives the template character.

Revolution Financial Services

Revolution Financial Services is a Google Sites finance template. The design is very appropriate for the finance sector with dark green backgrounds and golden highlights. It inspires reliability and trustworthiness. It offers extra pages for about, services, team, blog and contact pages.

IT Service

IT Service is a great Google Sites template for professional services like IT, marketing and consulting. It’s well designed based on a stylish light theme, great photos and vivid backgrounds.


Neodesign is a Google Sites services template flexible enough to work for a variety of use cases. The design is professional with a vibrant yellow based light color scheme. It’s a multi-page website offering plenty of pages to present commercial services.

The Public Notary

The Public Notary is a Google Sites business template versatile enough to work for multiple subjects. It features essential sections for presenting the company information, services, benefits, frequent questions and contact details. Light color theme with orange calls to action.


Cleaning is a professional looking Google Sites template. Specifically made for cleaning businesses but works for any type of service providers. The layout is well composed featuring advanced components like YouTube placeholder and collapsible text boxes.

Travis Tours

Travis Tours is a generous Google Sites template for tourism focused websites. It comes with many pages to help you present destinations, special offers, company details and even blog articles. The design is creative featuring yellow highlights and beautiful images.

The Designer

The Designer is a great Google Sites portfolio template crafted with passion for artists. It features an awesome presentation homepage, about section, project details, services and contact information. The design is based on a wonderful light theme brought to life by nature inspired colors.

The Therapist

The Therapist is a beautiful Google Sites template for coach studio, therapist cabinet and other health consultants. The design is unique, lovingly crafted and consistently applied to all template pages. The color scheme, typography and tasteful decorations make The Therapist stand out.

The Photographer

The Photographer is an elegant Google Sites template dedicated to artists, photographers, event organizers. It’s extremely modern because of the minimal color scheme yet very warm thanks to well placed visual decorations. The design is full of character and the main reason for a memorable browsing experience.

The Naturalist

The Naturalist is a flexible Google Sites template that works for multiple use cases. From coaches, trainers and influencers to salons, studios and spas. The design is modern yet accessible with a natural earthy color scheme that makes it unique. Layouts are well planned and provide plenty of ways to present your content.

Las Tapas

Las Tapas is a Google Sites restaurant template that stands out based on wisely chosen color scheme and typography. They work together to create a memorable experience and invite to special culinary experiences.


Poppella is a well-designed Google Sites restaurant template comprised of 3 pages: home, menu and contact. They provide the essential blocks for efficient restaurant presentations. Cursive typography highlights and appealing colors make it unique.


Foodies is a flexible Google Sites template dedicated to recipes, restaurants and other culinary websites. It’s well designed and makes great use of images and videos. The color scheme is playful and engaging due to a creative mix of white, gray and yellow.


Jarvis is a Google Sites barbershop template with lots of character and personality. It was carefully crafted as a solid foundation for gentleman salons. Red and black color scheme is masculine and memorable.

The Barber

The Barber is an awesome Google Sites template dedicated to barber shops and hair stylists. The header slider on the homepage is impactful and sets the tone for the entire experience. The typography and layout decisions keep the design consistent throughout all sections. Details like the hero logo and navbar item decorations take The Barber to the next level.

Bliss Yoga

Bliss Yoga is a fitting Google Sites template for yoga studios. Soothing colors and relaxing images make this template stand out. The package offers multiple pages to support detailed descriptions of the studio’s facilities, classes and services.

The Teacher

The Teacher is an education focused Google Sites template. It was created to help teachers get a classroom website live fast and easy. It has multiple pages and sections for schedule, classes, assignments, rules, announcements and more details. The design is modern and engaging thanks to unique typography settings and special color scheme.


School is a Google Sites educational template dedicated to schooling organizations. The design is colorful and engaging. Definitely made to appeal to the younger audience.

All Saints College

All Saints College is a Google Sites educational sector template. It fits schools, high schools, universities and other higher grade learning organizations. The design stands out due to the illustrated icons used on the homepage. Makes a serious subject more accessible.

Silver Arrow College

Silver Arrow College is a Google Sites template made for educational purposes. It’s a reliable choice for colleges, high schools and even private learning companies. The design is based on a light theme with white and gray backgrounds brought to life by a few well placed blue highlights.

Kindergarten School

Kindergarten School as the name implies is a kids school Google Sites template. The color scheme was selected accordingly with joyful red and light blue. The design makes great use of kids images and videos. A great option for children educational centers.


Healthcare is a beautiful Google Sites template dedicated to healthcare related websites. The light theme and warm colors create a feeling of safety and accessibility. They make users feel comfortable and encourage them to find solutions to their health issues.

Non Profit

Non Profit is a Google Sites template dedicated to not-for-profit organizations. The design looks welcoming and invites visitors to open up for supporting the cause.

Where to find Google Sites templates

Here is a list of websites where you can get Google Sites templates:


If you are a Google Sites template maker I encourage you to send me links to check them out. I will feature them in the article if they are high quality.

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