30 Google Sites Tutorials

This is a roundup of some of the best Google Sites tutorials available online. Google Sites is very easy to use and predictable for beginners. At the same time advanced users can get more out of it using tricks and workarounds. In this roundup you will find both beginner and advanced guides.

Largest gallery of free HTML, Bootstrap, Tailwind templates on >> HTMLrev

Video tutorials

How To Create A Simple Website With Google Sites

Tutorial that shows how easy it is to get a beautiful website live without design and coding skills. It’s a one page website to keep the video short and manageable. Link: https://tutoriac.com/create-simple-website-google-sites-1

How To Create A Personal Website With Google Sites

Tutorial that teaches how to quickly create a one page personal website that’s shareable on social networks. Similar to a link-in-bio website with more personality. Link: https://tutoriac.com/create-personal-website-google-sites-2

How To Create A Portfolio Website With Google Sites

Tutorial focused on building a designer portfolio website in the shortest amount of time. Dark theme fans will love it. Link: https://tutoriac.com/create-portfolio-website-google-sites-3

How To Create A Business Website With Google Sites

Tutorial that shows the steps for creating a modern business website without using templates. It stands out for presenting how to create additional pages dedicated to services and projects. Link: https://tutoriac.com/create-business-website-google-sites-4

How To Create A Portfolio Website With Google Sites

Tutorial that teaches how to create a stylish portfolio website from scratch. It’s a one page website featuring beautiful backgrounds and essential portfolio sections. Link: https://tutoriac.com/create-portfolio-website-google-sites-2-5

How To Create A Landing Page With Google Sites

Tutorial teaching how to create a good looking landing page on Google Sites. It’s focused on presenting an ebook but can work for any whitepaper, guide and more digital products. Link: https://tutoriac.com/create-landing-page-google-sites-6

How To Create A Free Website With Google Sites

Tutorial that shows how to create a restaurant website based on a default template provided with the builder. Explains how to integrate a booking form but not how to create it. The tutorial for creating the form is below. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN6h7bTRMzw

How to use Google Forms | Easily Create Online Forms

Beginners tutorial for creating online forms. Goes through how to get started with Google Forms, where to find it, templates and features. Then teaches how to create a website questionnaire form and make it look nice. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubCvPDKpN2Y

How to Use Videos in Google Sites

Tutorial that teaches how to embed videos into your Google Sites pages. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=or2Kbe2ktuY

How To Connect Google Domain to Google Sites

Tutorial that teaches how to connect your Google Sites website with a custom domain. It’s great if you bought the domain with Google Domains but if you purchased it from other suppliers like Domain.com, Siteground, Namecheap it’s not helpful. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pT5hgQ0YVs

How to map your Google Sites to a Custom Domain URL

Very useful tutorial that shows the steps of connecting a custom domain name to your Google Sites website. It presents the process for GoDaddy domain connection but it’s the same for most other popular domain registrars. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9FrVe8j0v4

Setup Google Sites to your Custom URL

Great tutorial showing you how to connect your Google Sites website to a custom domain. It presents the process for a domain name purchased with GoDaddy and also for Google Domains. The GoDaddy steps are similar for many other domain registrars. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz2jhZsiWIU

On Page SEO for Google Sites

Very useful guide for those looking to improve their Google Sites SEO. Hands-on tutorial focused on controlling the information displayed in social previews of your pages. The image and text displayed when you post your website on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVdO-SZhzRc

HTML and CSS for Beginners | Advanced Google Site

Advanced Google Sites tutorial for web developers looking to add HTML/CSS elements to their websites. Better looking buttons, custom sections, animated elements and more. Check it out if you have basic frontend development skills. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_dNd6DTOlI

How I sell Google Site templates | Digital Products

She Designs Things explains her process of selling Google Sites templates. It’s worth watching even if you just purchase templates to better understand what happens behind the scenes. Amazingly generous of her to share this info. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ayh6ORtbfo

Text tutorials

How To Create a Free Website with Google Sites

Tutorial that shows how to create a restaurant website based on a default template provided with the builder. Link: https://stewartgauld.com/create-a-free-website-with-google-sites/

Animated Headers in Google Sites

Learn how to create an animated header for your pages instead of the usual static background. Link: https://www.googlesites.dev/google-sites-code-examples/using-animated-headers-in-google-sites

Using Icon Fonts in Google Sites

Great tutorial showing you how to insert beautiful sharp icons in your designs. Link: https://www.googlesites.dev/google-sites-code-examples/how-to-use-icon-fonts-in-google-sites

How to embed custom CSS and media queries in Google Sites

Learn how to break from Google Sites constraints and create a better looking heading text. It also covers how to make it responsive for smaller screen sizes. Link: https://www.googlesites.dev/google-sites-code-examples/css-media-queries-in-google-sites

CSS embed example

Add an embedded element and learn how to remove it from the page on smaller screen sizes with CSS media queries. Link: https://www.googlesites.dev/google-sites-code-examples/disappearing-header-image

Installing a Google Sites template

Extremely useful tutorial if you decide to purchase and use templates from 3rd party makers. There are very few ones provided with the builder so it comes in handy to understand the process. Link: https://www.seasalt.studio/google-sites-blog/installing-a-theme

Design resources for Google Sites

Collection of websites where you can find free images, color schemes, fonts and design inspiration. Link: https://www.seasalt.studio/google-sites-blog/design-resources

Where to find Google Sites tutorials

  • Tutoriac – video tutorials for creating websites with Google Sites and other website builders
  • She Designs Things – awesome Sites related YouTube channel maintained by a talented designer and skilled Google Sites Developer
  • Googlesites.dev – tutorials created by a talented and experienced Google Sites Developer
  • Google Sites Help Center – the official place for Google Sites documentation. They’re not exactly tutorials but close


Sites is a great tool that doesn’t benefit from any marketing efforts from Google. It’s also free so not loved by affiliate marketers either. Because it’s not popular it’s hard to find quality learning materials. If you spot good tutorials which are short and to the point please submit them to be featured in this list.

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