Best HTML CSS Courses For Complete Beginners

There is no better time to start your web development career. So many opportunities can be unlocked with a few months of focused learning. Good HTML, CSS and design skills enable you to instantly start earning revenue by offering freelancing services to end users looking for basic HTML websites. Or you could start building templates and enjoy recurrent product income.

Adding JavaScript knowledge on top of HTML and CSS will make you a great candidate for junior Frontend Developer jobs in startup teams. New horizons will become available as you advance on the web development journey but let’s start with the first steps. Here are some of the best HTML and CSS courses perfect for complete beginners and created by established instructors.

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Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning

Complete guide to learning HTML and CSS for absolute beginners by Brad Traversy. The course is built around the latest language features providing you with updated coding techniques. The journey starts from total newbie level and takes you through all the steps required for acquiring a solid web development foundation. You will be guided through more than 6 practical projects.

Build Responsive Real-World Websites With HTML CSS

Great course for total newbies by Jonas Schmedtmann. It takes you through the basics of HTML and CSS with lots of exercises and a full website project. You will learn web design ideas, coding best practices, where to find design assets fonts, images, icons and how to make everything responsive on mobile devices. The course is well organized which makes learning easy.

Understanding HTML And CSS

A fresh approach to web fundamentals teaching by Anthony Alicea. The course is designed for beginners starting from scratch and intermediates revisiting core concepts. The learning journey starts from basic HTML, gets into CSS and includes detailed explanations about the DOM, Grid and Flexbox. At the end of the course you will be able to create responsive static websites.

HTML5 And CSS3 Fundamentals

Want to learn how to build a website from the ground up with 0 web development experience? Then this is the course for you. John Ulliman provides all the HTML5 and CSS3 knowledge you need in order to create a responsive website. The video material focuses on basic dev skills and building the components of a typical website. Great for users with shorter attention span.

Web Design Beginners: Real World Coding HTML CSS

A good way to master a certain skill set is to acquire smaller pills of information and invest more time in practicing. Brad Schiff’s was designed around this idea. It doesn’t bombard you with all the bells and whistles of HTML and CSS. Instead it sticks to the basics and enables you to practice more. It teaches you how to create a basic responsive website and upload it online.

HTML&CSS Tutorial And Projects Course

John Smilga’s course starts with basics for complete beginners with no prior coding experience. Then goes beyond the basics with advanced CSS techniques for creating modern responsive websites that work smooth on all devices. It’s a big course that will put your focus to the test and reward you accordingly at completion. More like an HTML and CSS mastery than just basics.

Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS

The course by Brad Hussey will take aspiring web developers from ground 0 to complete understanding of HTML and CSS. It focuses on building a few mini websites from scratch which you can use as portfolio when searching for jobs. The learning material grows in difficulty as you progress. It’s not a short course but your determination will be rewarded with solid skills.

HTML/CSS Bootcamp Learn HTML, CSS, Flexbox, and CSS Grid

HTML/CSS Bootcamp by Jordan Hudgens is a comprehensive HTML CSS learning material. It covers much more than just foundations. Both beginners and intermediate web developers will appreciate it. Besides HTML and CSS basics you wil also learn how to create responsive layouts with the latest Grid and Flexbox specifications. Multiple practical exercises will keep you focused.


Learning HTML and CSS is the gateway to mastering web development for websites and apps building. Commanding them at a proficient level together with some design skills enable you build basic static websites for your projects, start freelancing or even creating your own basic digital products like HTML templates. Try to create your on small projects after course projects.

For dev jobs you need to go forward and acquire advanced CSS, JavaScript and GitHub experience. With a few good projects in your portfolio it makes complete sense to apply for junior Front End developer jobs in big companies or startups. Hope these resources will provide the right starting point for your web development learning journey and help you meet your objectives.

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