Best HTML CSS Ebooks For Beginners

Ebooks are a popular learning alternative to video courses and tutorials. Their unique trait is that you can easily reference the information with a quick search, which is impossible in videos. You can also easily copy the code and practice with it as you progress. Here is a collection of the best HTML CSS ebooks for beginners to get you started on the web development journey.

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HTML Tips & Tricks The Hidden Gems (free)

HTML Tips & Tricks by Marko Denic is a collection of superbly formatted HTML learning pills. It focuses on impressive HTML features that even advanced developers don’t know about. Every developer will find something cool and useful to learn. Discover the hidden HTML gems.

Dive Into HTML5 (free)

Dive Into HTML5 goes in depth on some of the most important features of HTML5 and other standards specifications. Written by Mark Pilgrim for beginner web developers this free ebook in website format will guide you to get acquainted with HTML5 and its newest features.

How To Build A Website With HTML (free)

Great free ebook for getting familiar with web building foundations. Erin Glass teaches you HTML and how you can use it to create a personal website using a provided demonstration model. It goes through all necessary basics for creating a basic site with no prior knowledge.

How To Build A Website With CSS And HTML (free)

Erin Glass’s ebook is great for getting started with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). You will learn how to stylize HTML and make websites beautiful with CSS properties. Exercises are focused on a model site which you can customize with something you are passionate about.

How To Code In HTML5 And CSS3 (free)

Outstanding work from Damian Wielgosik for explaining the basics of HTML and CSS to absolute beginners. You need 0 experience to learn from it. The ebook is available as a free web page and PDF file to suit all reading styles. It will help you create your first website.

HTML & CSS tutorial (free)

Awesome resource for complete beginners. The tutorial created by Jeremy Thomas is structured like an online ebook which is easy to browse through and offers a complete overview of what you will at any point on the journey. Probably the most beautiful resource on HTML CSS basics.

Master HTML And CSS: Along With 100 Projects

Sagar’s ebook is a comprehensive resource about web development fundamentals. It’s an extensive material that covers HTML and CSS in a practical manner based on 100 exercise projects. What sets this ebook apart is the introduction of advanced CSS concepts like Grid and Flexbox.

HTML5 For Web Designers

An HTML5 focused ebook by Jeremy Keith and Rachel Andrew about the new features of the latest HTML iteration. The material is packed with practical examples and will get you ready to work with responsive images, microformats and microdata.

CSS3 For Web Designers

A step above beginners level, the ebook by Dan Cederholm will take you through more advanced concepts of CSS like gradients, shadows, rounded corners, web fonts and animations. Besides specific concepts you will also get familiar with layout coding techniques and new CSS3 properties.

The HTML And CSS Workshop

The ebook co-authored by Lewis Coulson, Brett Jephson, Rob Larsen, Matt Park and Marian Zburlea is a complete guide for learning to build websites with HTML and CSS from scratch. It starts with basic syntax, goes through essentials and arrives at advanced CSS and even making forms.

HTML & CSS: Design And Build Websites

The Jon Duckett masterpiece stands out in the lineup because of the engaging way it presents the information to the reader. It’s an enjoyable read, not written in “programmers language”. It addresses anyone who wants to learn how to build basic websites without coming from tech.

Responsive Web Design With HTML5 And CSS

This great ebook created by Ben Frain is dedicated to the more knowledgeable beginner which has some HTML CSS experience. It covers the new features for each language and even teaches the more complex CSS Grid and Flexbox techniques. The informal style makes it an easy read.

Mastering HTML5 Forms

Gaurav Gupta’s ebook is focused on how to get data from website visitors through forms. You will learn how to create responsive forms, how to validate data, connect to a database and store the information for later use. It focuses on making beautiful and efficient forms.

Head First HTML And CSS

If you want to create the websites you have always dreamed of for yourself or freelance customers then Elisabeth Robson and Eric Freeman’s ebook is the right learning tool. Besides basic concepts for absolute beginners you will also learn about responsive web design.

A Smarter Way To Learn HTML & CSS

Mark Myers has devised a specific method which will actually teach you HTML CSS and not only enable you to read about them. All chapters are followed by exercises to keep you focused and engaged in the learning process. Great resource with a hands on approach.

Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide To HTML, CSS, JavaScript And Web Graphics

With this guide, Jennifer Robbins has created a beginner friendly resource for anyone looking to learn how to create basic websites. You can jump onboard even with no coding experience and enjoy the well structured content. Multiple exercises will keep you focused.

HTML And CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide

The HTML CSS ebook created by Elizabeth Castro and Bruce Hyslop is based on a visual format and task based exercises. Together with the friendly writing style and clear instructions beginners wil grasp the basics of web development in no time. Definitely a great read.

HTML5 And CSS3 All-In-One For Dummies

The ebook created by Andy Harris covers more than the basics of HTML and CSS. It will enable you to build fully functional websites together with MySQL and Ajax. It’s an essential resource for both beginner and intermediate level web developers.


Hope this expanding ebook collection will assist in finding the right learning resource for you. The presented text based materials come in a variety of writing style and teaching methods. Studying them a little bit more in depth will help you decide which one to choose.

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