Best React UI Kits

React is the JS library that revolutionized how developers build app interfaces. The component based library lends itself perfect for 3rd party UI kits that build upon it. Basically they expand the intrinsic collection with specific components and updated design according to the kit’s subject. You will find below a curated roundup of some of the best React UI kits.

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Notus PRO React

Notus PRO React is a Tailwind based React UI kit created to help you easily build amazing websites. More than 350 code components are provided along with documented details for easy implementation. Quickly deploy websites like presentations, blogs, ecommerce and dashboards.

Material Kit 2 PRO React

The style of this beautiful React UI kit was inspired by Material Design. Its mission is to help web developers create great looking websites in a shorter amount of time. To achieve this it packs more than 1000 individual frontend elements, pre-built design blocks and demo pages.

BLK Design System PRO React

BLK Design System PRO is a dark themed React UI kit which combines pleasing colors, spacious cards, soothing typography and impressive graphics. It comes with over 1100 components, 43 sections and 17 example pages. Colors for each component can be updated in the Sass files.

Now UI Kit PRO React

Now UI Kit PRO is a Bootstrap based React UI kit created to speed up development time and elevate project design. It features 1000 eye pleasing components, 34 sections and 11 example pages. Besides code files you also get access to design files in Sketch and PSD formats.

Paper Kit PRO React

The visually impactful Paper Kit PRO is a React UI kit based on Bootstrap. It enables turning your vision into reality and helps you bring beautiful websites to life. The kit is comprised of more than 1000 components uniquely styled in pastel colors themed pages.

Argon Design System PRO React

Argon Design System PRO is a well polished React UI kit with bold geometric background accents. Inside you will find more than 1200 components, 43 sections and 18 demo pages. Together with the extensive documentation they will help you create amazing websites and apps.


The amount of resources available for quickly deploying efficient websites and apps is amazing. You can easily access a great deal of ready-made work in UI kits like the ones above. This allows more time to focus on core functionalities and reduces the pressure of tight deadlines. It’s also a great way of aligning team members to the same design style for bigger projects.

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