Best Tailwind CSS Component Libraries

Tailwind CSS component libraries can be valuable sources of coded elements ready to use in your frontend project. Whether you’re building an app interface or creating a website layout they are quite useful. Especially if you don’t have the necessary time to build all elements from scratch. I’ve created this collection to bring together some of the best component libraries free and paid.

Largest gallery of free HTML, Bootstrap, Tailwind templates on >> HTMLrev

  • TailGrids – Free + $ | HTML – Huge library of more than 500 carefully crafted Tailwind CSS components. The makers went above and beyond to empower developers with a well designed and easy to use resource
  • Tailwind UI – $ | HTML, React, Vue – Beautiful components carefully assembled in a reliable library by the actual makers of Tailwind CSS. Over 500 code snippets easy to integrate in your project
  • Headless UI – Free | React, Vue – Another gem from the makers of Tailwind CSS. It’s a small library but packs essential components with an awesome preview website for easy integration
  • Vue-Tailwind – Free | Vue – A Tailwind component library focused on offering as much flexibility as possible. When using elements from the library you are not attached to a certain style
  • Tailwind Elements – Free | HTML – A huge collection of Bootstrap components recreated with Tailwind CSS to look better and have more features. The documentation website is fantastic
  • VechaiUI – Free | React – Awesome component library built with Tailwind CSS. Menu, listbox, dialog, radio buttons, tooltips, tabs and many more. The documentation website is very easy to use
  • Flowbite – Free + $ | HTML, Angular, React, Vue, Svelte – Impressive components covering major JS frameworks. The preview and documentation website is a masterpiece. Well structured and fun to use
  • a17t – Free | HTML – a17t goal is to provide atomic components to help you build beautiful interfaces in the shortest amount of time. Well documented and a breeze to integrate in your project
  • Svelte Headless UI – Free | Svelte – The unofficial port of Tailwind Headless UI for Svelte. The elements of this component library are unstyled, accessible, tested and typed with TypeScript
  • Xtend UI – Free | HTML, React – Xtend UI unleashes the power of Tailwind CSS components through advanced interactions and complex animations. Great library for that extra wow factor. It’s built with vanilla JS for HTML and React
  • Tailblocks – Free | HTML – Library of more than 60 Tailwind components for hero, pricing, statistic, step, team and testimonial sections. Beautifully designed and easy to use thanks to the presentation website
  • Tailwind Components – Free | HTML – Awesome collection of Tailwind components submitted by devs to help each other build apps, landing pages and websites faster. The preview website is straightforward to use
  • Meraki UI – Free | HTML – Over 100 tasteful Tailwind CSS components supporting RTL, fully responsive based on CSS Grid and Flexbox. They come with dark mode switch on a great preview website
  • Tailwind Cards – Free | HTML – Extremely stylish collection of unique Tailwind cards. You can easily copy/paste them in your projects. Some examples are offered with smooth animations
  • TailwindTemplates – Free | HTML – Compelling repository of Tailwind components. Extremely easy to use due to the well designed preview website. J-hiz the maker also provides other Tailwind resources and interesting articles
  • Treact – Free | React – This library offer over 50 Tailwind components for React covering many sections that you might use in a website. Hero, pricing, features, cards, blog, testimonials and more
  • – $ | HTML – Minimalist Tailwind CSS component libraries which can be styled according to the project’s requirements. Preview site is great and also provides website and admin dashboard templates
  • Kutty – Free | HTML – Kutty provides a set of interface components that are commonly used for building web apps. The preview website facilitates browsing and copying the code
  • Tailwind Starter Kit – Free | HTML, Angular, React, Vue – An amazing professional resource for Tailwind users. It’s a huge component library, framework agnostic and a joy to use thanks to the preview website and included documentation
  • Gust UI – Free | HTML, React – a generous collection of responsive Tailwind CSS components for beautiful apps. Besides over 50 components you also have free access to 4 example pages which will help you build apps faster
  • Wickedblocks – Free | HTML – More than 120 Tailwind CSS components are made available for you in this library. The preview website is well put together and makes copy/paste a breeze. Check out the paid resources too, they are very cool
  • daisyUI – Free | HTML – Professional Tailwind library offering around 50 components based on 29 color themes. It’s a popular resource among frontend developers with 13400 GitHub stars. The preview website makes browsing the library a pleasure
  • Kometa UI Kit – Free | HTML, React, Vue – With over 130 beautifully styled Tailwind components, Kometa is a comprehensive collection. It will save you hours of frontend coding work. The preview website is an inspiration in itself
  • Mamba UI – Free | HTML, Vue, JSX – Mamba is a flexible library with over 150 Tailwind CSS components covering many possible website sections. From article, avatar, banner to table, tab and team. All nicely arranged in an easy to use preview website
  • Material Tailwind – Free | HTML, React – An amazing asset for Tailwind users by Creative Tim. This component library was created with material design in mind and it delivers in both quantity and quality
  • HyperUI – Free | HTML – An expanding selection of beautiful Tailwind components for marketing pages, ecommerce websites and app interfaces. The preview website is a looker and such a joy to browse. It’s a well polished resource
  • Fancy Tailwind – Free + $ | React – Definitely a good looking library with beautiful, responsive and reusable Tailwind CSS React components. It’s a huge resource with over 1000 components carefully organized and presented on the live preview site
  • Vue Notus – Free | Vue – More than 100 components to help you build beautiful websites and apps with Tailwind and Vue. They’re made for easy customization, have a cool presentation website and a well written documentation
  • Tailwind UI Kit – Free + $ | Angular, React, Vue – Awesome Tailwind CSS component library with over 1300 elements organized in web app UI kit, marketing UI kit and ecommerce UI kit. Preview website looks cool and it’s very easy to browse components

As you can see the community has been very active and created a myriad of free and pro component libraries for your enjoyment. There is huge amount of enthusiasm around Tailwind because it reduces the friction with CSS when creating web pages and app interfaces. The amount of assets will only grow and reliability levels will constantly improve. As Tailwind framework matures there will probably remain few reasons to go back to writing regular CSS.

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