Best Tailwind CSS Courses

Tailwind CSS speeds up frontend work and changes how we write CSS code. Beginners prefer to learn it from courses as opposed to just checking the documentation. Tailwind CSS provides an unique way of styling HTML elements which requires adjustment time even for intermediate developers. The following learning resources will teach you how to use the framework efficiently.

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Tailwind CSS From Scratch Learn By Building Projects

Tailwind CSS from Scratch by Brad Traversy will teach you how to create stunning website layouts with minimum effort. The course takes you from basic utility-class principles to building your own development environment. Lessons are structured around 5 projects and 6 websites.

Tailwind CSS A Modern Way To Build Websites Using CSS

Ashutosh Pawar sets out to teach you how to style websites with Tailwind and never go back to writing regular CSS. The course is for intermediate developers looking to optimize their workflow. It will take you through creating a real-estate website and an admin dashboard.

Tailwind CSS A New Way To Think CSS

Martin Eberth’s course is will teach you how to make the most of Tailwind CSS when building modern user interfaces. He demonstrates how Tailwind is a massive time saver in responsive situations. The lessons cover installation, configuration and practical layout examples.

Tailwind CSS Fundamentals

This Tailwind fundamentals course by David Morales explains how Tailwind revolutionizes web layout creation. It will give you a proper understanding of setting up Tailwind and how to use it efficiently. By the end of the course you will build a Netflix-like landing page.

Tailwind CSS Mastery

Tailwind CSS Mastery is a comprehensive course by Tech Academy. The material goes in depth with Tailwind and assumes you know basic HTML and CSS. It covers how to use the components library and how to create custom elements. Great resource to learn Tailwind from scratch.

Tailwind CSS projects

The course by Dr. Sahand Ghavidel is the practical approach for learning Tailwind CSS. It covers each step of building interfaces for Tesla and Instagram clones. You will learn layout, positioning, spacing, sizing, typography and more by creating these two clone projects.


Tailwind is revolutionizing the way we build websites and applications. It speeds up the process and guarantees a decent appearance with minimum design effort. It also takes care of responsiveness without too much hassle. The courses in this roundup cover setup, components, utility-class techniques and customization. You get to choose which teaching style you prefer.

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