Best Tailwind Website Templates

Familiar with Tailwind CSS but lacking the time to build a website from scratch? This roundup of best Tailwind website templates will provide the right resources to get you started. The templates featured here are created by industry professionals with years of web development experience.

Everything they learned from building projects for customers is neatly packaged as ready-made work for you to start using immediately. Besides the coded layouts and components you also benefit from unique design inspiration. If you ever tried to sketch a website layout on a blank piece of paper you know how energy consuming the process can be.

By using templates you have design solutions at your disposal and you’re only required to customize them accordingly. Each item is provided with documentation for advanced features and to get you unstuck in some situations.

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Togy Tailwind Technology Business Startup Template

Togy is a vibrant Tailwind template dedicated to software and SaaS app websites. Cheerful 2D/3D illustrations and plenty of subtle animations make it perfect for a youthful audience. Strong colors are used to highlight key elements while blending seamlessly with softer section backgrounds.

Togy would make a great choice for startup websites conveying enthusiasm, dynamism and innovation. The package provides 6 different website demos themed for different tech related subjects. The mobile app landing page in dark mode is definitely a standout piece.

You can’t go wrong with it if you aim for a memorable landing page. The provided inside pages enable you to present services, features, portfolios, pricing, contact details and even blog posts. About 20 of them in total.

Hously Tailwind CSS Real Estate HTML Template

Hously like the name announces is a Tailwind website template created for real estate websites. It’s a sharp tool meant to do one thing well and it accomplishes that flawlessly. Calming colors, clean layout and conservative typography work together to power up an efficient real estate website.

The layout is well though out and makes house searching a pleasurable experience. More variation for some components would have helped though. The package is quite light but doesn’t disappoint. It offers all the essentials of a functional real estate website.

Search form, listing pages, property details, features, pricing, contact. Everything is there for you to jump in and customize. The header slider is a nice touch acting as an eye catcher for visitors landing on the homepage. Hously lacks variation but compensates with good structure and design.

MaxCoach Online Learning React Education Template

If you’re searching for a professional looking Tailwind template dedicated to educational websites then MaxCoach should be on your short list. It comes with a plethora of online learning components beautifully aligned to a well balanced design system. Layout elements live in harmony and don’t scream for attention.

Each section adds to the story and provides the opportunity for guiding visitors to conversion. Green call to actions over soft brownish backgrounds make the content feel down to earth and trustworthy. The template is based on React and Nextjs which makes it great for SEO.

It provides 30 pre-built pages among which you wil find 6 different homepages, course listings, course details, membership details, blog and contact pages. Design is consistent among all layouts with subtle background decorations and smooth animations. Useful components like slider, statistics numbers, timeline, accordion, filterable grid and forms are integrated and ready to deploy.

Salient SaaS marketing template

Salient is a Tailwind website template for SaaS apps built by none others than Tailwind CSS creators. Besides enjoying state of the art design and carefully crafted layouts you will also learn Tailwind CSS best practices from the highest qualified source. The design looks amazing in its blue highlights mixed with blurred gradients color scheme.

The content breaths easily and there aren’t any fancy animations to deter your attention. Sections are logically laid out and create a dynamic rhythm for app presentations. The template is built with Nextjs and was created with ease of customization in mind. It actually represents a great resource for learning how pros use Tailwind efficiently.

Sections include an impactful hero, features, testimonials, pricing, each with specific components to convey your message in a clear and memorable manner. There is no variation whatsoever and no extra pages besides a login layout. But you can always check the Tailwind official component library for additional elements to create new pages.

Shadow Starter

Shadow is a starter Tailwind template that can accommodate any smaller basic website. It’s a frontend code foundation with a stylish dark theme appearance. Buttons, icons and and borders are highlighted in blue while the rest of the color scheme is constrained to different black hues. Makers kept animations to a minimum so there isn’t much to distract your attention.

To compensate they invested more time in typography so your eyes can easily follow the content flow. Shadow is a lightweight HTML template which basically contains 4 pages. Homepage, pricing, blog gallery and blog post. Surprisingly the provided sections and components are enough to create a beautiful basic website for the initial stage of your project.

A little bit of customization work can turn it into an essential portfolio, gallery, digital products and even a startup presentation. It’s a great example of do more with less mantra.

Tailwind CSS Startup Template

Startup is one of TailGrids website templates built with their Tailwind CSS component library and offered as part of a bigger Tailwind resources bundle (templates + component library). It boasts the classic design of modern startup webpages with plenty of white negative space and light gray backgrounds.

While the design is pretty conservative right from the box, you can certainly customize it for more character thanks to Tailwind’s styling features. Different nuances of blue are wisely used throughout the layout to connect with the dreamer audience. While green call to actions provide the calming reassurance of familiarity and trust.

Of course you have the flexibility of turning enthusiasm up a notch with more vivid colors and livelier imagery. Startup doesn’t stray from the beaten path and provides a sturdy structure for a professional online presence.

TailMars Tailwind Templates Pack

TailMars is a collection of multiple Tailwind page templates which can be used to build a myriad of websites. Agency, services, business, enterprise, mobile app, startup and more. Layouts follow the same modern looking system and can easily be mixed in new ways to achieve different user experiences besides the pre-built ones.

Some demo sections may feel a little bit generic but on the upside the less opinionated nature enables easier customization. TailMars package contains 9 unique homepages and multiple inside pages for features, details, blog gallery and blog posts.

The bundle goes even further and offers an essential component library and well structured documentation so you can take the designs through your own vision. TailMars is an evolving resource and the makers are courteous enough to provide life time updates for the one time payment. That’s an offer hard to refuse.

Startup Tailwind CSS Template for Startup SaaS Business

Startup is an extremely elegant Tailwind template for trendy business websites. It stands out due to the midnight blue color scheme applied to an awe inspiring dark theme. The geometric background shapes set the tone for techy inspirational vibes which contribute to a memorable experience.

The blurred translucent navbar effect featured in Startup is also something I’d love to see more in presentation websites. Besides the ice cool homepage Startup comes with 8 essential inside pages like about, sign up, contact, 404 and blog.

Another feature that shows the author’s attention to details is the smooth scroll navigation which is missing in few other templates from the roundup. Startup is a solid foundation for business, startup, corporate and software related websites looking to depict a visionary atmosphere for their visitors.

Runway SaaS Website Template For Tailwind

Runway is a brilliant Tailwind template for SaaS app websites. It has all the necessary components for a complete web app presentation. At the same time it’s flexible enough to be used for any software related project. From the design perspective Runway is a revelation. Yes that’s partly due to Tailwind’s great basic styling.

I mean the clues are everywhere. Rounded corners, rounded buttons, blue theme, gray backgrounds. You can spot these in many other Tailwind templates. What you’ll not see so often is the level of creativity the authors invested to produce such a gorgeous design from common elements.

There are stylish touches everywhere which will make your website stand out from the rest. The package offers enough ready-made components to get you started easily. 18 unique pages including home, features, about, pricing, sign in, blog and contact.

WeBuild HTML React Angular

WeBuild is a Tailwind template for digital product websites which works great for agency presentations too. Just replace the digital product grid section with completed projects. The template is flexible enough for more use cases. Your imagination is the only limitation. In terms of design it’s obvious the authors relied on the form follows function principle.

The classic light theme uses a blue and gray color scheme made interesting with well positioned yellow accents. The package was built for HTML, Angular and React usage. WeBuild includes 5 ready-made pages together with the required set of components for an efficient online presence.

You can purchase WeBuild as an affordable individual package or go for the complete Tailwind UI Kit bundle with a single lifetime payment. Either way you will own a high value digital asset for your Tailwind projects.


Using a professional Tailwind template to build a website for yourself or for customers has multiple benefits. Not only that you get ready-made work which you can easily customize and save tons of time. You get a grasp of what good design is and how it can be implemented in code. And you learn frontend coding best practices from seasoned developers. It’s beneficial on so many levels as long as you pick the right one for the project.

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