Websites To Find Free Bootstrap Templates

This is a curated roundup of the best websites where you can find free Bootstrap templates. Bootstrap already provides read-made components to save time but these templates will also elevate the design of your projects. In a sea of template makers here is why these stand out:

  • They offer free Bootstrap 5 templates besides older versions
  • Templates are offered free for both personal and commercial use
  • Items look modern and are presented with the mandatory Live Preview
  • You are not required more than an email address or signup to download

As a template maker myself I’ve browsed thousands of templates. From experience I know that many “free” templates are licensed just for personal use. That means you can’t use them for client projects which can be quite disappointing. Not the case with the sources below.


HTMLrev (free) is a gallery that showcases a wide range of free templates for web developers. The Bootstrap category is the largest and showcases the best work of generous template creators around the world. Find items for business, product, agency, hospitality, services, events, blogs, portfolios, ecommerce, dashboards and more.


  • Showcases the best templates created by top makers
  • Bootstrap category is the largest on the website
  • All featured items are Bootstrap 5

Start Bootstrap

Start Bootstrap (free + paid) is an established source of premium quality free Bootstrap templates for startup, agency, portfolio, personal and blogs. It even provides feature-rich admin dashboard templates. They’re built at such high standards that one can even learn web development from them.


  • Incredibly well built and varied templates
  • Designs adhere to the form follows function mantra
  • Doesn’t require email or signup for download


Templatemo (free) is a generous and impressive source of free Bootstrap templates. The sheer number of items is mind blowing and the quality is there too. It will be hard not to find a solid foundation for your project among the listed items. Besides looking good the templates are also marketing oriented.


  • Comprehensive library of templates on many subjects
  • Doesn’t require email or signup for download

3rd Wave Media

3rd Wave Media (free + paid) is one of the most developer friendly resources in the list. It’s made by developers for developers and it shows in terms of design efficiency and code structure. Templates are well layed out and results oriented. You will find items for a wide range of subjects.


  • Startup, mobile app, ebook, event, personal, portfolio, docs
  • The website is easy to navigate without intrusive ads
  • Doesn’t require email or signup for download


Tooplate (free) is a huge library of well designed Bootstrap templates. Designs are modern and well polished. Each template is carefully crafted to look good on all devices. Ads can be intrusive at times but it’s important to notice that downloads are free without restrictions.


  • Big collection of various Bootstrap templates
  • Advanced components specific to premium class items
  • Doesn’t require email or signup for download

Creative Tim

Creative Tim (free + paid) is one of the most loved Bootstrap resource suppliers among web developers. The free Bootstrap UI kits & dashboard templates are on par with the premium items. They are just as well designed and smoothly polished. Since these templates are used to build web apps the documentation quality is in a league of its own.


  • Designs are superb and consistent
  • Components with advanced functionalities


Themesberg (free + paid) provides a couple of high quality free Bootstrap templates. You can get dashboards, landing pages, design systems and UI kits. Design quality and refinement levels are in a league of their own. Besides looking amazing the items are well structured and documented.


  • Great dashboard templates and UI kit
  • Advanced components for complex functionalities


TemplateDeck (free) is a great resource offering very few but very high quality Bootstrap templates. The right words to describe them would be minimalist, creative and impressive. The company, personal and startup website templates are crafted to the highest design and code standards.


  • Presentation website is nice and easy to navigate
  • Templates are both professionally designed and coded

Pixel Rocket

Pixel Rocket (free) provides a small but useful collection of free Bootstrap templates. Designs look amazing with modern color schemes. Each item comes with many basic and advanced sections and components. Use cases covered are ecommerce, dashboard, portfolio and business websites.


  • Small collection of high quality Bootstrap templates
  • Doesn’t require email or signup for download

HTML Codex

HTML Codex (free + paid) provides a large number of free templates. All templates are Bootstrap based, look good and can be downloaded without any restrictions. There is huge variation which covers multiple use cases. Business, course, product, agency, service, portfolio, resume and the list goes on.


  • Results oriented designs covering a wide range of use cases
  • Doesn’t require email or signup for download
  • Subtle scroll based animations


W3Layouts (free + paid) provides many free Bootstrap templates. Basically all templates on their website are available for free if you use the Free Download button just below the Demo one. Designs are modern and usable for a wide range of subjects. I think business style templates are their specialty.


  • Good number of business style templates
  • Covers a wide range of use cases


Bootstrapious (free + paid) is a useful resource for free Bootstrap templates. Ads are present everywhere but not extremely intrusive. You need to provide your email to download but on the upside there is a large selection to choose from. Designs look good and some items pack advanced components.


  • Large number of free items on various subjects
  • Some of the designs are exceptionally good


AdminMart (free + paid) provides doesn’t provide many free Bootstrap templates. But what it lacks in numbers it more than makes up in quality and complexity. The free items are professionally designed and come with tons of ready-made sections and components. Definitely worth checking out.


  • SaaS, agency and dashboard templates
  • Items usable for professional projects


TemplatesJungle (free + paid) is a generous resource providing many Bootstrap templates for free download. Designs are awesome, marketing oriented and cover multiple use cases. Business, agency, service, portfolio, ecommerce. You will find a template for just about any subjects you can imagine.


  • Plenty of well designed templates to choose from
  • Designs are impressive and will help your project stand out


MonsterOne (free + paid) is the subscription based template library by Template Monster. If you register for a Free account you get access to free items without paying the subscription. They are of high quality and come with multiple pages, sections and components. Will save you a lot of design and development time.


  • Modern templates with multiple pages
  • Well structured website with many filters
  • Item quality varies because of multiple makers


Untree (free) creates free Bootstrap templates that save developers time and money. They are beautifully designed with great attention to details. Templates come with multiple pages and advanced components like dropdown navigation, sliders and subtle animations. Even though they’re built on Bootstrap designs retain a lot character.


  • Designs have personality and are not repetitive
  • Doesn’t require email or signup for download


Tabler (free) is an amazing Bootstrap UI kit providing multiple dashboard templates and components for web apps. It’s quite incredible that a package so big and well polished is available for free. Designs are great, documentation is thorough, code is very well structured. This resource is a gem.


  • Bootstrap templates focused on dashboards
  • Top of the range design and code quality
  • Many premium level, advanced components


Wrappixel (free + paid) provides a good sized collection of free Bootstrap templates for admin dashboards. There are plenty of options when it comes to design and structure. You get opt for down to earth design for business applications or choose a creative versions for more fun use cases.


  • Solid collection of Bootstrap dashboards
  • Different designs and color schemes to choose from


KeenThemes (free + paid) is a reliable supplier of well designed free Bootstrap templates for admin dashboards. Each free template comes with multiple time saving components wrapped up in modern designs. There are different styles to choose from adapting to many possible scenarios.


  • Niched on web app admin dashboards
  • Clean website without ads or other annoyances


BootstrapDash (free + paid) provides a useful selection for free Bootstrap website and dashboard templates. Packages are generous in terms of included pages and components. Designs are consistently modern and optimized for results. The website is ads free and a pleasure to navigate since the authors monetize with Pro items.


  • Great templates for website, landing page and dashboard
  • Presentation website is modern and easy to navigate


There are a couple more template websites especially if you check Google search results pages. I didn’t mention those because they fit in one or more of the situations below:

  • Claim they offer free templates but they are actually paid
  • They are specific to visual builders and not downloadable
  • Old websites offering only Bootstrap 4 templates and lower
  • The license doesn’t allow commercial or client use

To assemble this roundup I’ve went through each website on the first 10 Google search pages including blog posts. I’ve searched through comments of similar roundup posts on I’ve scoured Gumroad Discovery for $0 priced items. Checked Dribbble and GitHub. Hope it will save your time and help you build projects easier.