Websites To Find Free HTML Templates Vanilla CSS

This is a roundup of the best websites where you can find and download free HTML templates vanilla CSS. That means items styled with plain CSS and no frameworks like Bootstrap or Tailwind. There are so many template creators in the online space. Here is why these stand out:

  • Templates are offered free for both personal and commercial use
  • Items look modern and are presented with the mandatory Live Preview
  • You are not required more than an email address or signup to download

As a template maker myself I’ve browsed thousands of templates. From experience I know that many “free” templates are licensed just for personal use. That means you can’t use them for client projects which can be quite disappointing. Not the case with the sources below.


HTMLrev (free) is a gallery that showcases a wide range of free templates for web developers. It brings together the best work of generous makers around the world. The HTML Templates Vanilla CSS category is easy to navigate enabling you to check items structured on subcategories. Business, product, agency, hospitality, services, events, blogs, portfolios, dashboards and more.


  • 1000+ carefully selected templates for web developers
  • Dedicated HTML vanilla CSS templates category
  • Brings together the best templates by top makers


HTML5 UP (free) provides a large collection of superbly designed HTML templates from the same maker. This means code quality and design style are consistent for all items. The presentation website is well crafted and a pleasure to use. What makes HTML5 UP designs stand out is the combination between image backgrounds, colorful sections and fluid layout that covers the entire viewport.


  • Generous collection created by a design driven developer
  • Focused on personal pages, portfolios, landing pages, blogs
  • Unique style with tons of character and personality


StyleShout (free) is a generous creator of superb HTML vanilla CSS templates. The items are beautiful, varied, well polished and you can download without email or signup. The style follows the same lines throughout all templates but it never feels repetitive or boring. The right words are consistent and original. Subjects cover SaaS, mobile app, blog, coming soon, portfolio, agency and more.


  • Awesome presentation website that’s enjoyable to use
  • Doesn’t require email or signup for download
  • Well designed and refined templates

One Page Love

One Page Love (free + paid) is a long standing provider of many types of templates for web designers, developers and makers. The HTML category is packed with superbly designed and very well refined templates. They will save you tons of design and development work. The presentation website looks like an art gallery and is a pleasure to use. You are spoiled for choice in terms of use cases.


  • Well crafted, professionally polished templates
  • Doesn’t require email or signup for download
  • Huge range of choices in terms of use cases


LayoutFlow (free + paid) presents a good number of high quality free HTML templates. They’re professionally designed and will save you a lot of creative energy. What makes them stand out is the wise use of negative space and larger than average font sizes. Great resource for agency, portfolio and services websites. The website is also enjoyable to use without intrusive ads.


  • Couple of pro level free templates from a premium maker
  • Modern designs with sharp edges and bold typography
  • Clutter-free impressive presentation gallery

Template Foundation

Template Foundation (free) is a great resource that provides 9 feature packed free HTML templates. Items are extremely modern in terms of layout, colors and typography. They’re focused more on evocative images than vector illustrations. You can’t go wrong if you choose one of these templates as base for your projects. Mostly focused on portfolio and personal websites.


  • Modern and stylish designs that grab visitors attention
  • Doesn’t require email or signup for download
  • Cool, simple presentation website


Templated (free) provides a huge number of free HTML templates vanilla CSS no framework. Designs are well sorted, consistent and feel quite timeless. I don’t think they will look outdated even for a couple more years. The website is easy to navigate and doesn’t bombard you with intrusive ads. There is a wide range of templates from business and startups to blogs and portfolios.


  • Wide range of subjects covering many use cases
  • Doesn’t require email or signup for download
  • Great looking and timeless designs


Freebiesbug (free) offers a valuable small collection of their own made HTML vanilla CSS templates created under the Cruip brand. The templates are premium quality with awesome designs and extraordinary attention to details. Trouble is it can be difficult to find them in their HTML templates category since it features many Bootstrap based items, Webflow and even Framer ones.


  • Beautifully designed and marketing optimized
  • Doesn’t require email or signup for download


MonsterOne (free + pro) is the subscription based template library by Template Monster. If you register for a Free account you get access to free items without paying the subscription. They are of high quality, the only downside is that items marked as HTML can be either vanilla CSS or Bootstrap. So you need to check the description or the code from Live Previews. Nevertheless a useful resource.


  • Modern templates with multiple pages
  • Well structured website with many filters
  • Item quality varies because of multiple makers


TemplatesJungle (free + pro) offers a couple of great free HTML vanilla CSS templates. You can identify them by visually searching for those that don’t have the Bootstrap tag on the cover image. There are not many but they make up in terms of quality. The offered templates are beautifully designed and packed with features. You need to provide an email address to get the download link.


  • Few but very well designed templates
  • Subjects covered are agency, salon, portfolio


There are a couple more websites offering template especially if you check first Google search pages. I didn’t mention all because some fit in one or more of the situations below:

  • No differentiation between HTML and Bootstrap templates. All are labeled as HTML
  • Pirate websites hosting template files created by other makers claiming them as their own
  • Extremely old websites offering outdated designs with responsiveness issues
  • The license doesn’t allow commercial and client use

To assemble this roundup I’ve went through each website on the first 10 Google search pages including blog posts. I’ve searched through comments of similar roundup posts on I’ve scoured Gumroad Discovery for $0 priced items. Checked Dribbble and GitHub too.